Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Color Blue

I went for my 2nd trisem ultrasound last week. Let me just say that everytime I have an ultrasound (I have had probably almost more than 20 scans in my entire lifetime! OC me), I always feel so, so nervous. Paranoia just fills my entire being -- what if the baby isn't there anymore? what if they see something wrong with the baby's heart, what if there's a left or a finger or a toe missing? And my heart begins to race so fast.

So anyway, I went for my scan. And voila! I'm really starting to believe that my body is really made for making boys. It sort of drove me hysterical just thinking of all the testosterone that will fill our home.

I walked out of the doctors clinic thankful that the baby was doing OK. Very energetic--he kept kicking the whole time.

Now on to what to name him.


Shana W. said...

Yea! for blue! :o) I am glad all is going so well for you and your little guy. Can't wait to hear some names.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm happy to know that your baby is growing well inside of you.

Heather said...

Oh congrats! It's always a relief to get good results at those ultrasounds.

Kathy said...

Congrats..I just stumbled on your blog..

I'm 9 months into the 3 boys journey and it's absolutely awesome..

I wouldn't change it for the world..

Many blessings

Midas said...

Oh, another boy. That's wonderful! Speaking as a mother of four boys, there's nothing more fun. Sure I'd love more daughters because I only have one, but life with four boys is just right. I wouldn't change a thing!