Friday, March 30, 2007

Quite a Sensitive Topic - I Think?

I have a question. Do parents really have favorites when it comes to their kids? Seriously. I am an only child so I grew without any "competition" and the attention of both my parents was basically centered on me. Now that "only child syndrome" is another sensitive topic haha. No but seriously, I would want to know.
Mom's out there with more than one kiddo? Are you there? I can't quite feel anything like that yet because my boys are spaced so far apart and both have very different needs. Like the little one is still a baby (oh c'mon his 1st birthday is still 2 months away - something I am dreading also by the way) who needs the attention when he is playing - he might put something in his mouth that may cause him to choke, needs the attention when he is climbing and trying to cruise - balance not yet perfect so there is a chance he may knock his head, needs the attention during feeding time, etc. The 5 year old boy on the other hand needs attention in different ways too. When he is playing, we try our best to play with him, when he practices writing or reading we make it a point to pay full attention to him or when he is washing his hands, we make sure he just washes his hands and does not shrink the whole soap bar until his fingers are all wrinkly.
And I was thinking, my 2 boys seem to have very different personalities. Like the older one is such a joker, he is very light hearted and thinks that everything is a game. The baby on the other hand is a lot moodier, is very assertive and thinks that if his older brother can do something, he can do it better.
But how come a lot of people can easily pin point who the favorite one in the family is? Like I have friends with siblings and when we share stories, they get to refer to their brother or sister as the 'favorite' one. Or I sometimes observe my friends who have more than 1 kid, I sense who they favor over the other. Is it just my perception or does this really happen?

Real Moms ... Experience Fear

Oh oh oh I am excited. I was tagged for the FIRST time by Susie J.
(Thanks Susie J.!)

Real Moms experience fear when giving birth. That although you may have given birth twice or thrice or five times, each birth is a different experience. That the fear of giving birth then turns into the fear of your baby's health. That all you pray for is a healthy and complete baby.

Real Moms experience fear when caring for a baby. That even if everyone tells you that the 'motherly instinct" will automatically kick in, you can't help but worry about how you are going to bathe your baby ALONE for the first time when you get home, about how you are going to nurse you baby in the middle of the night while still feeling all sore or about how you are going to put on that tiny little sweater when your baby looks so fragile - too fragile in fact.

Real Moms experience fear when feeding their baby mashed food for the first time. Will the baby choke? Will the baby's tummy be able to take the food? Maybe try it next month instead?

Real Moms experience fear when the little one takes his first step. Because this will mean baby no longer wanting to be carried.

Real Moms experience fear when she drops her toddler off at pre-school for the first time. Will he be safe in school? Will he fall off the monkey bars? Will his teacher see him if he falls? Will he make friends? Will he cry and suddenly look for you, wanting to go home, but then mommy isn't at the gate yet.

Real Moms experience fear just thinking and knowing that one day she will have to let go. Let go of the person who once grew in your womb for 9 months. The person who gave new meaning to your life. The person who you nursed and cared for so much that even the bite of a mosquito was a BIG no-no. Fear that you will have to trust that someone up there to look over the once little one who is now all grown up and ready to face the world.
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Hmmm...Interesting. Really.

Thank You

* The Pope has been known to wear RED Prada shoes.
----> I wanted to comment. But no more. All I can say is they must have looked regal.

* For every 10 successful attempts to climb Mt.Everest there is one fatality (as of 2006).
----> To conquer nature knowing we are but human. Last night, I read an article in this month's Reader's Digest. THe article featured a story of a team (3 men) who were about 3 hours short or reaching Everest's summit when they came upon a man who was half naked (snowsuit pulled down until his waist, no shirt on) and who seemed dazed and confused. The issue here was, was the team going to stop? Because if they did, they would definitley not reach the summit. Or would they leave this dying man (who was experiencing cerebral edema) and go for their dream of a lifetime to conquer the mountian? THe team decided that they could not let this man die.
According to one of the climbers, it is a reality that sometimes, a climber must cross over a dead man's body on his way up to the summit.
Which brings me to wonder, is it worth the fight?

* Apples, not caffeine, are more efficent at waking you up in the mornings.
----> So what is the real deal with apples? Does the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" stand true? What are the other beenifts of this fruit called the apple?

* Walt Disney was afraid of mice.
----> So how did he stand living with his mouse for so long? Ironic. Funny.

* The total combined weight of the worlds ant population is heavier than the weight of human population
----> Amazing. Well, we do have lots of ants at home and in the garden, but heavier than human population? Man, talk about population control.

* Napoleon made his battle plans in a sandbox
----> Now I wonder if putting up a sandbox in the backyard will be a good idea for the boys.

* On an average, a 4 year old asks 437 questions a day
----> I am SO NOT surprised. At all. Na-uh. But do we get to answer these 437 questions? Hmm...

Thursday, March 29, 2007


As I mentioned in the previous post, the wait at the airport seemed like forever

We boarded the plane a little before 10AM and arrived in Bangkok around 1PM Bangkok time. Bangkok is an hour behind Philippine time. After checking in at the hotel, Jet and I were famished, so we headed out and searched for a good Thai restaurant. Yummy.The next day, we toured the city, well basically we toured the temples.
And after miles of walking the streets, looking for the best bargains, our feet and bodies just wanted to give up. So we decided to try an authentic Thai massage which proved to be equally tiring as a Thai massage consists of a lot of stretching and unknotting knots. Felt good anyway. Whew.
So after that massage, we decided to walk a zillion miles again and look for good bargains again. By the end of the day, we were wiped out and decided to take the tuktuk back to the hotel. The tuktuk driver was kind enough to take our picture.
The next day, while walking out of the hotel, I caught a glimpse of a woman frying what looked to me like shrimps - sorta like mini tempura's. I love shrimp but shrimps in the Philippines is very expensive. Like for a kilo, it would cost somewhere between PHP 300 - 500 depending on the size of the shrimps. But this (picture above) only cost 20 baht and there were like 6 pieces! Thai street food could never have been better!

We took a break from shopping and visited Siam Ocean World. Cool fishes and sharks, fascinating large groupers. Here we suddenly missed the kids, we knew Josh would have been thrilled and Dash would have been confused hahaha. But yeah we felt the kids should have been with us.

The nest day (our last day), I was craving for no more Thai food (got it?). I just wanted a big fat juicy burger. We found a Burger King nearby the hotel. So Ketchup and Chili Sauce. Chili is a staple in Thailand. I also enjoying finding out what each fast food in each country has to offer that is unique to that country. Like in the Philippines, we serve our chicken with rice and we have what we call the Burger McDo - sweet Filipino taste. I discovered that in Thailand, they serve pork burgers! Too bad I had ordered my burger before seeing that, I would have wanted to taste it.

We did our last minute shopping and headed back to the hotel to pack as the airport service was to pick us up at 10:30AM. Shops in Bangkok open as early as 730AM.So yes we were shopping as early as that! And we left for Bangkok with just 1 suitcase and we had to buy another one to fit in all the goodies.

All ready to head back home :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We're back! Bangkok was great. The experience was wonderful. I had a lot of mixed emotions which I experienced throughout the whole trip.
Well, when we left for Manila on Thursday night (after a zillion reminders left with my MIL and nanny), I felt a bit sad and guilty. Leaving the kids?! 4 days?! But I reminded myself that Jet and I deserved this. So come Friday morning on our way to the airport I felt that everything was surreal. Was this really happening?? Oh yes it was.
Upon entering the airport, memories of my childhood travels just flashed before my eyes. Suddenly I was craving for the thrill and excitement I would feel every time my cousins and I would travel to Africa during the summer to stay with my Aunt. The last time I traveled outside the country was when I was 14 - we went to Bali and Bangkok. So I thought I forgot what to do or where to go. But just a few things had changed like we departed from a newer airport and security is a lot tighter (which is a good thing) but other than that, the process was all too familiar to me. I was so excited.
So we checked in and passed thru immigration and then - something terrible. During the what they call, final check, this lady from immigrations asked me why I had more than the prescribed amount of allowable money. I did not know that there is a law that states each Filipino citizen who leaves the country is only allowed to bring PHP 10,000 ($200) each. If a person exceeds this amount, he/she can bring additional money but in any other currency, not just peso. I had a little over PHP 30,000 ($600). The thing is, I do not have any credit card (cut all the cards before my mom died, felt it would put me in debt - knowing my spending habits!). So all the money I brought was in the form of cash. And the lady was saying that whatever exceeded the PHP 20,000 (10,ooo each for me and hubby) would be confiscated and would be considered national Treasury. And I was like - What the ---!? Are you kidding? National Treasury? Or Own Pockets? Geez. I swear I was on the brink of crying. So I asked what options we had. And she just kept saying that I should have known blah. Well I didn't. In the end, she allowed Jet to run to a nearby bank and have the excess changed into US dollars. After all that, Jet couldn't stop laughing at me and how wrecked I looked. Geez.
So the wait at the airport seemed like forever. I have seen better airports with lots of things to do (like the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam) so the wait was long and boring. We finally boarded and reached Bangkok at 12:30 PM. Again excitement filled me. I just had this urge to call my Mom and tell her that Jet and I actually made our first trip abroad together. I suddenly missed her so much. So I decided to dial her number on my cell (I do this often when I am lonely), and as it always happens, the other end said "Number Not In Use." So I hung up.
Right after checking in at our hotel, explore was what Jet and I decided to do. I felt so free. You know? This was the first time in 5 years that Jet and I would be doing something together without anybody else. First time in 5 years! Wow. Having kids does change your life.
Like I was thinking if the kids were with us, we could not, would not and should not have left the hotel without a fixed, structured itinerary. No way. But since there were only 2 adults involved in this trip, there was just so much freedom. We walked the crowded streets of Bangkok looking for authentic Thai food. And Authentic Thai food we did find. Man, their food in Bangkok is so cheap. And dig this I was free to have a couple of drinks. Hah!
The next day we had a city tour. Basically went to see temples and take pictures with Buddha. After lunch, Jet and I went to the Chatuchak Weekend market. Man I went wild! I love shopping by the way - given I have the luxury of time to really dig in those SALE piles and have the money to spend. And I found this to be the perfect time to do it. Thailand (even the Philippines) is one country the Western market caves it's way into especially the retail industry. We offer cheap labor - given the fact that we have very high unemployment rates and low literacy rates, one who does not have the privilege to finish schools takes on whatever job is available to support his / her family. So cut the long political story short, I found a LOT of Hollister, Abercrombie, Old Navy and GAP export overruns.Woohoo. Like a shirt for just 50 baht ($2)!?
Tired was what I felt next. My feet were aching! But walk is still what Jet and I did. We did not want to miss out on any sale or bargain ! Haha. I want to laugh right now just remembering how excited we were.
More details to come later. But on the last day, I just felt ready to go home. I bought things for the boys and I was just so excited to see their reactions. I wanted to hug them both so badly.
This morning I reported for work. Groggy and sleepy. Arrived at 2AM and as soon as the boys heard us, they decided to wake up and wait for their goodies (yes even the 10 month old baby). We all finally went to bed at 4AM. Had to go to work at 8. Arghh.
Pictures to follow :)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Just a few pictures to share. I'm too lazy to really write right now. So hubby and I are off to Bangkok tomorrow. Thankful that my MIL will be staying over at our house to stay with the kiddos. Be back on Monday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Problem With Hello Is Goodbye....Sniff

WHY? Why do I have to say goodbye to my favorite TV shows?
Because they are not making enough money anymore? Because nobody watches them anymore? Because they think they are too good already? Because their networks refuse to pay a higher fee?
I'm not a TV junkie. No. But once I start watching a show and I come to really love it, there is no letting go for me.
Here are the shows I laughed and cried with. The shows which made me an addict!

1. FRIENDS - My all time favorite. I never mind watching re-runs over and over and over and over. 10 years of watching them did not seem like 10 years, seriously. Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you...

2. Sex and The City - ahhh Mr.Big!!!

3. The O.C. - yeah I know, but I still love it. Well OK, I love Ryan and now he's gone - for good.

4. Desperate Housewives - I'd want to be one someday. Hah!

5. One Tree Hill - Okay, this is my latest addiction and I am praying that it does not end soon.

Any suggestions as what I should get hooked on next?


I love Steak. Josh loves Steak. Jet loves Steak. Our family loves Steak. We fry it in butter, soak it in marinade and grill it, we bake it. We love steak. We serve it with rice, mashed potatoes, buttered veggies, ceasar salad. But I still have to learn the right and perfect recipe.

Care to share with me your recipe? I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Is My Work Station

There is a saying:
Train stations are where trains stop. Bus stations are where buses stop. So, work stations are where ______________ (fill in the blank).

Ok... the full view then

And the only thing that keeps me sane thru the day is:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The First Of Many

So you are peacefully playing with YOUR toy . . .

When your little brother decides to . . .

And then you get all pouty because you were expecting Mommy to take your little brother away . . .

But instead, Mommy tells you " You're gonna have to get used to this kiddo."


Me, bored. Waiting for my turn at the set of U-Turn. Jet with BJ Manalo, a college basketball star who also shared his testimony.

At the set minutes before the taping started. And then the taping itself!

After the taping. Jet, me and Donita Rose - pretty lady with a beautiful heart.

With the rest of the crew of 'U-Turn'

At Toys R' US

Huggable Baby

Yes, eat Krispy Kreme - loved them! Sugar High!

Josh feeding the fish during our lunch stop over on the way up home.

Oh So Many Things

I feel like I have so much to blog about and that is what I am going to do.
Ok, guess what? Today marks our (hubby and I) 10 years of being together. 10 years huh? I know, gosh. I was in highschool when I met the boy who would after 4 years would give me a son and after 6 years would marry me.
Life for the 2 of us was never easy. Getting married did not make things easier even but after 10 years, things have just gotten sweeter.
In my previous post I mentioned something that had to do with 'ending it all.' But after long talks with hubby, we have come to realize that marriage for us, is a lifetime commitment. When we said our vows three years ago, we vowed to stay together thru thick and thin. So, in good times and in bad, we will make this work not because it is a must but because that is what we want to do.
So for our 10th year of being together, we have planned a 4-day trip to Thailand with a side trip to Malaysia. I am very excited about this.
But tonight we have decided to celebrate it with the kids. Jet and I will be cooking dinner together and he said he will take charge of buying the desert.
Tomorrow is Josh's moving up day. He leaves kindergarten as he 'moves up' to Prep 1. Eeeeeeek. And he will be giving the opening remarks which goes:
Good morning to all the parents, teacher's and guests. I welcome and thank you for coming today. May you be filled with God's grace as you watch us perform for the Lord showcasing our gifts and talents He has given us. Good Day and Enjoy!
Dash on the other hand is growing so so so so fast and is becoming noisier and noisier by the day. He has started to 'cruise' around the house although not quite and expert yet, sometimes he still tumbles when he forgets to hold on to the table or sofa.
And last night, there was an eerie sound of silence in the house. I panicked and asked the nanny where the boys were. She said they were in the playroom. And when I peeped, I saw the cutest sight, the 2 boys, Josh and Dash, were quietly playing. Josh with his new hotwheels set (which we bought for him when we made a trip down to Manila) and Dash with the soft balls.
I told my husband, I couldn't wait to see and watch more of these playing moments the 2 boys will have especially when the little one is a bit bigger.
Which reminds me, when we went down to Manila, we HAD TO make a trip to Toys r' Us. There is only one of these in the Philippines by the way. So I told hubby that not going to Toys r' US was NOT and option. So we went. And I found myself going straight to the Toys for Boys section. And funnier thing is I found myself all hyped and excited just looking at all the goodies they had for little boys! Yes, I have come to the point where pink, barbie dolls, baby dolls, Bratz dolls, My Little Pony ponies seem not to excite me that much anymore.
I so wanted to buy this Buzz Lightyear-Woody set (which hubby said was impractical), this Ferrari race-track LEGO set (dang too expensive) and the starter set of Thomas and Friends. Anyway, Josh ended up buying this cool Hot Wheels set (not too cool when you have to start setting it up!) where you have to slowly rev up the car fast enough so as not to get caught in the "mooby trap" ( according to Josh , which I keep correcting "Josh it is not mooby, it is a booby trap) and speed down do destroy the mooby trap. Josh and I have a contest to see who gets caught in the mooby trap the least. Fun fun fun.
Which made me come to think about how I will start dealing with boy's activities as my boys grow bigger. Basketball games, cool video games, Boy Scout activities, costumes.
I also need to lose weight. Man I am bigger and heavier now than when I had just given birth. Sucker I know but hell food is soo good. But I know I will feel more confident if I am able to shed at least 10 of these pounds I am currently carrying. A lot of my clothes do not fit me. Sad.
So I have decided to start going to the gym. And I will cut down on my rice consumption. Soda and sweets will be a once in a blue moon treat for me.
Weight has been a problem for me for the longest time. I have a small frame (4"11) and I currently weigh 112lbs. I feel quite heavy and am not comfortable with my physical self anymore. A lot of times in the past I have kept this "issue" of mine to myself but I feel that if I talk about it to other people now, I will be encouraged and motivated to finally lose what needs to be lost.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call from my cousin asking me whether I wanted to be featured on a TV show entitled U-TURN, hosted by Donita Rose, which featured people who were able to make a U-TURN after going in the 'wrong' direction. So I immediately said yes. I felt that this would be a good way of also sharing my life story and hopefully would speak to people (youth) who have also lost their direction.
So the 'taping' for the show was scheduled on March 8. I filed for a 2 day leave as Jet suggested we bring the 2 boys with us and have a mini vacation.
We left Baguio at 2AM of March 8. The little one was fast asleep (thank God -really) while Josh was just too excited. We arrived in Manila at about 630AM and had breakfast before heading to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we settled in and made sure the boys would be comfy because we were to leave them with the nanny and my cousin while Jet and I went to Tagaytay for the taping of the show.
I was made-up in the hotel and then a van came to pick us up around 11AM.It was a good 1 1/2 hour drive to the set of the show. Upon arriving there, we had lunch and then waited for my turn as they were still shooting the life story of another person. So hubby and I waited a good three hours for my turn. The place was beautiful and the food was good.
At around 4PM, it was finally my turn. I met up with Donita Rose and did small talk, just to get ourselves comfortable with each other. She was a very nice person with no air or star complex at all. Donita Rose by the way is half Filipino - half American, is an Evangelical Christian, used to be a former MTV Asia VJ, is a big celebrity in the Philippines, is married and has a 2 year old son. So anyway, the director told us it was time to start the cameras rolling. Whoohoo! Haha for a moment there I felt like I was a celebrity.
So the taping started and Donita asked me questions about my past and how I was able to come out of the downward spiral hole I dug myself into. My story started when I was in high school, rebellious and could not care less about my parent's love. With the hole that I dug, I was desperate to climb back up but I did not know where to start or how to start. I know I wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to doing it. And then I met the Lord. Here my life changed. And today, my past has molded me into the person that I now am - reformed, better, at peace and happy.
* Pictures to follow

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Visual DNA

This is cute and interesting. Try it!

Been A Week?!?

Last Monday, when I logged in and was getting into blogger, something terrible did not want to recognize blogger's site. And so yes, I panicked. Anyway, upon further verification, it turned out that there were some techy problems our company was facing...and it seems like we still are facing such problems as I have found myself sitting in this Internet cafe in the mall logging into this addictive thing called blogger.
OK, a run down of the events this past week.
SO So So many things have happened. Both happy and sad.
I would want to get the sad part over with. Last Thursday, was probably one of the darkest days of my life. Something happened which put my marriage on the brink of ending it all. At this point, I don't think I should get into all the details but one thing I can say is - although it was painful, I have decided to stand by this - for better or worse. Right now, it is still not all OK, but faith in God will heal the hurt. Maybe one day, I will be able to tell you what happened but at this point, working on the marriage is what matters most, so I shall keep silent first and pray that these shall come to pass.
OK on the happier side of life. 2 weeks ago, my cousin, who happens to be connected to one of the TV stations got in touch with me and asked me if I would want to guest on one of their shows. The show is entitled "U-TURN" and will start to air this April. The show features people whose lives had been in the "dark" and what the "u-turn" moment of that person was which allowed that person to come to know the Lord. So I said yes I was willing to share my story. I have a very colorful story by the way - ok let me put it this way, some years ago, I decided to disobey my parents and rebel against them which got me into deep trouble. My true turning point came when I had Joshua.
For this show, I would have to go to it's taping in Tagaytay, some 6-7 hours away from where I live. So Jet and I decided to bring the boys with us (along with the house and everything in it, travelling with a baby - you know what I mean). I will write a detailed account on this as it proved to be a very nice, love-filled mini vacation for all of us.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Yes politics. I do not quite understand politics. Whether it be Philippine politics or Office politics.

This May, we will be voting for a new set of local officials (congressman,mayor,v.mayor and city councilors) as well as national officials (12 senators). The campaign period has kicked off and all I get to watch on TV are advertisements of these filthy rich senatoriables who are pretending to be the "answer to the long-standing poverty crisis of the Philippines." Sometimes I cringe just watching the senatoriables pretending to empathize and sympathize with the masses.
According to a news report, sufficient campaign funds for a 'popular' (meaning based on surveys, he comes in as one of the top 6 would be senators) would be approximately 100M pesos (around $ 2M). So why spend that amount on campaign materials when there are more important issues where this money would be more useful?
On to the more important issue -- office politics. It makes me sick. Some may say it is inevitable especially where there are discontented souls, envious hearts and immature minds lurking around in the workplace. I say that sucks.
For the past week or so I have listened to some of my co-workers who do not do anything but complain, compare and destroy fellow co-workers. Call it a mix of young, passioned go-getter's who want to climb the corporate ladder, but at the expense of an innocent person who just wants to get the job done as efficient as possible?
The sad thing is, there are such souls who actually end up climbing this so-called ladder to success and actually are successful. But until where is such success? Can they sleep at night knowing what they had done to earn their position right now? Have their hearts hardened to the point that they no longer feel the guilt? Are they even aware of the wrong they have done?
The existence of this sort of politics in this day and age - one I will never quite understand.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I was watching the 7PM news last night and was filled with sadness and anger upon watching this report:
Baby dies shortly after Mom delivers.
Apparently, on October 18 this pregnant woman started to feel labor pains. So her husband took her to the hospital. Upon arriving there, none of the staff nurses or doctors paid any attention to her. THey only attended to her after her 14th hour of labor. According to the preganant lady, she could no longer bear the pain and was requesting the doctor attending to her to deliver the baby via c-section already. *now for the bomb* The doctor said that a c-section would not be possible because she did not have the money to pay for it. So she labored somemore and finally delivered the next day -- but the baby died because of fetal distress and since it took so long for the baby to come out, the baby was poisoned by it's own feces.
This was the woman's first baby. She carried the baby for 9 months in her womb without any complications.
What is that all about?!?
In the interview that followed the report, the woman admitted that she really did not have enough money to pay for a c-section. But does that give anybody the right to prevent a baby from living? What kind of doctor would do that? As of press time, the hospital had not released any formal statement yet.
It is just so frustrating and disgusting. Sad. You know?