Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh So Many Things

I feel like I have so much to blog about and that is what I am going to do.
Ok, guess what? Today marks our (hubby and I) 10 years of being together. 10 years huh? I know, gosh. I was in highschool when I met the boy who would after 4 years would give me a son and after 6 years would marry me.
Life for the 2 of us was never easy. Getting married did not make things easier even but after 10 years, things have just gotten sweeter.
In my previous post I mentioned something that had to do with 'ending it all.' But after long talks with hubby, we have come to realize that marriage for us, is a lifetime commitment. When we said our vows three years ago, we vowed to stay together thru thick and thin. So, in good times and in bad, we will make this work not because it is a must but because that is what we want to do.
So for our 10th year of being together, we have planned a 4-day trip to Thailand with a side trip to Malaysia. I am very excited about this.
But tonight we have decided to celebrate it with the kids. Jet and I will be cooking dinner together and he said he will take charge of buying the desert.
Tomorrow is Josh's moving up day. He leaves kindergarten as he 'moves up' to Prep 1. Eeeeeeek. And he will be giving the opening remarks which goes:
Good morning to all the parents, teacher's and guests. I welcome and thank you for coming today. May you be filled with God's grace as you watch us perform for the Lord showcasing our gifts and talents He has given us. Good Day and Enjoy!
Dash on the other hand is growing so so so so fast and is becoming noisier and noisier by the day. He has started to 'cruise' around the house although not quite and expert yet, sometimes he still tumbles when he forgets to hold on to the table or sofa.
And last night, there was an eerie sound of silence in the house. I panicked and asked the nanny where the boys were. She said they were in the playroom. And when I peeped, I saw the cutest sight, the 2 boys, Josh and Dash, were quietly playing. Josh with his new hotwheels set (which we bought for him when we made a trip down to Manila) and Dash with the soft balls.
I told my husband, I couldn't wait to see and watch more of these playing moments the 2 boys will have especially when the little one is a bit bigger.
Which reminds me, when we went down to Manila, we HAD TO make a trip to Toys r' Us. There is only one of these in the Philippines by the way. So I told hubby that not going to Toys r' US was NOT and option. So we went. And I found myself going straight to the Toys for Boys section. And funnier thing is I found myself all hyped and excited just looking at all the goodies they had for little boys! Yes, I have come to the point where pink, barbie dolls, baby dolls, Bratz dolls, My Little Pony ponies seem not to excite me that much anymore.
I so wanted to buy this Buzz Lightyear-Woody set (which hubby said was impractical), this Ferrari race-track LEGO set (dang too expensive) and the starter set of Thomas and Friends. Anyway, Josh ended up buying this cool Hot Wheels set (not too cool when you have to start setting it up!) where you have to slowly rev up the car fast enough so as not to get caught in the "mooby trap" ( according to Josh , which I keep correcting "Josh it is not mooby, it is a booby trap) and speed down do destroy the mooby trap. Josh and I have a contest to see who gets caught in the mooby trap the least. Fun fun fun.
Which made me come to think about how I will start dealing with boy's activities as my boys grow bigger. Basketball games, cool video games, Boy Scout activities, costumes.
I also need to lose weight. Man I am bigger and heavier now than when I had just given birth. Sucker I know but hell food is soo good. But I know I will feel more confident if I am able to shed at least 10 of these pounds I am currently carrying. A lot of my clothes do not fit me. Sad.
So I have decided to start going to the gym. And I will cut down on my rice consumption. Soda and sweets will be a once in a blue moon treat for me.
Weight has been a problem for me for the longest time. I have a small frame (4"11) and I currently weigh 112lbs. I feel quite heavy and am not comfortable with my physical self anymore. A lot of times in the past I have kept this "issue" of mine to myself but I feel that if I talk about it to other people now, I will be encouraged and motivated to finally lose what needs to be lost.

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Amanda Sue said...

happy 10 years! it is great that you are taking a trip together. isn't that marriage, anyway? one long trip together? :)

i need to lose weight too. i hate it when my jeans don't fit - mostly cause jeans are so expensive to replace. i refuse to buy a larger size! so i really need to cut down on my sugar, too.