Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Happenings

Allow me to post a few pictures of our Christmas Happenings.

As mentioned, we agreed on having an "Asian" theme for our Christmas dinner. Here is the sushi platter I prepared. It was my first time to make sushi ~ahem~ thanks to my cousin who helped me roll the sushi.

Here is a picture of our complete feast! We had Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, Thai Chicken Basil, Fried Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce, Beef Brocolli with Chinese Noodles and Lettuce Wrap with Ground Beef and Hoisin Sauce. Gluttony must be the word I have been looking for.

I'm sorry I just had to post this. This is our First ever Family Picture! It may look and seem korny to some of you but I got the shirts of my boys during our trip down to Manila. Same design (green lanterns logo) only in XXS, S and XL sizes teehee.

I added 2 new members to the snowman clan (big huge smile on my face). Next year will be spent looking for more snowmen. I can't wait for next Christmas -- I'm pretty sure I will have more of these!

The Christmas That Was

I'm back!!! Pictures to be posted after this post.

I can't believe that Christmas is over. I love Christmas. I sooo love Christmas. I look at this holiday as a time to spend with family --eating, lazing around, going places --just being together! Also, it was Dash's first Christmas.

There were A LOT of happenings this year.

I went on leave December 20th and went down to Manila. It was actually quite an unplanned trip. A week before I went on leave, my cousin called with good news. She said that she had just bought herself a car. Although it was a second hand car, it was a car that she waited for 3 years for. Finally, she found the model and brand at a very good price. Catch was -- she couldn't drive it up to Baguio by herself. So she requested that hubby go down to Manila so that he could drive up her 2001 Suzuki Vitara - woohoo. Suddenly, I felt the uhhm, ahh "need" to go down to Manila too. All of the good malls are there for cryin out loud. I "needed" to do my Christmas shopping there. So off to Manila we went - me Jet and Josh -- on December 20. We left Baguio on the 1am trip and arrived a little before 6am. We proceeded to my cousins apartment and lazed around for a couple of hours since the malls opened at 10. We went to the newest and biggest mall -- Mall of Asia. Oh yeah my feet ached after all that walking --but the shopping was sure worth all the pain! We then brought Josh to Greenhills to see the puppet show ( which even hubby and I used to watch when we were young-er). We left for Baguio the following day since the 22nd was going to be Dash's dedication. As soon as we arrived in Bsguio, I went staright to the chucrh to fix the decorations for Dash's dedication the next day.


Like almost all Filipino occasions, Dash's dedication started a bit late --which quite irritated me because the godparents only started to arrive at exactly 10:30 (the invitation indicated that the ceremony would start at 10:00). Dash was pretty well behaved the whole time. After the ceremony, we served lunch. Food was good.


I suddenly missed my Mom and Dad morning of the 24th when everyone was busy with last minute shopping, gift wrapping,etc. I just suddenly felt their not being present. Aftyernoon of the 24th, I cooked up 3 dishes for our Christmas dinner -- thai chicken basil, tofu with chili garlic dipping and a sushi platter. Ok sushi isn't cooked -- prepared that is.


Dash started to have fever afternoon of the 24th. We gave him paracetamol but his fever still did not go away. That night Dash did not sleep well -- so did I. He kept getting up during the night probably because he felt warm and all. The next day, he was a litlle cooler although he still had a slight fever. We went to hubby's relatives for Christmas lunch. Josh had a blast with his cousins. They were laughing and screaming and running all over the place! Dash was quite fretful as he still wasn't feeling well. We decided to bring home the kids a little after lunch. After taking the kids home, hubby and I met up with his sisters and cousins for coffee, ice cream and pizza.

Boy that was a tiring day.


Yesterday Dash still had the feverm we decided to bring him to his peed. No significant findings although she wanted to double check weather or not Dash may have gotten UTI. So she made us collect Dssh's pee and bring it to the lab for testing. Nope --negative (than God). Good thing the whole day yesterday, Dash's fever was a no-show.


Today is my Dad's birthday! ~~ Happy Birthday Dad ~~

In Loving Memory

Daniel Stephen M. Hamada

December 27, 1948 - April 7, 2004

Missing you Much Dad.


Today I am back to work.Trying to convince myself about the importance of my work. Arrghhh.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Vacation, Anyone?

So we have 7 days left before Christmas. I will be gone for those 7 days =) I took an early leave starting tomorrow (wooohoooo!) and will report back to work on the 27th.

Happy Holidays Everyone! May You All Enjoy The Christmas Hustle and Bustle.


I am sure I will be back with tons of stories...and pictures.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend That Was, Sleepless Nights and Other Things

The Weekend That Was...Pretty Much Uneventful.
The Weekend passed without much happenings around the house. Saturday was spent cleaning the house, arranging and rearranging the living room as our Christmas Tree made its debut only yesterday -- I know we only have 7 days left before Christmas. Anyway, Josh was picked up by my mother in law as he was to spend the weekend at my in-laws place. The little one stayed with us. Boy the house sure was a lot quieter without Josh around. Hubby suddenly had the urge to grill fish and steak for dinner. Yummy yum yum. On Sunday, we went to Sunday worship and then ate lunch out -- just me, hubby and Dash. After luch we went home had a quick nap and then lazed around the rest of the afternoon. Mom-in-law brought Josh home around 4pm. We then had leftovers for dinner.
Today, it's back to the usual hectic Monday we all are aquainted with.


Came across the blog of Gerah (read this: I-LOVE-HER-BLOG) and read her newest entry about sleepless nights with baby! I have heard and read a lot of stories of babies who at only 3-4 months already sleep thru the night!!!! And yes I do get envious. How do they do it!?!?? How come my babies don't?! With my eldest, I would have to get up at least 2x every night to give him a bottle. And now, even with my little one (who is turning 7 months in a week), I still have to wake up 2x a night to feed him. Am I doing it wrong? Am I not doing something right?


7 more days left before Christmas. I have mixed feelings. Of course I am excited especially since it will be Dash's first Christmas, although I am pretty sure he will have no idea what all the hustle and bustle is about. Excited also because there is nothing more adorable to see than your excited 4 1/2 year old son in awe of all the Christmas goodies given to him. But also sad since Mom and Dad won't be around anymore to share the fun, food and merry making. Every Christmas, my cousin and I agree on a certain food theme for our Christmas dinner. This year we decided on an "Asian" theme. yum. So far, I have decided on the following recipes: Thai Chicken Basil, Beef with Chinese Broccoli, Fried Tofu with Sweet & Sour Dipping and Sashimi. Splendid.


Dash's dedication will be on the 22nd. It also happens to be our 3rd year anniversary with hubby. Hmmm...another reason for me tp smile =)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Long Overdue Yipee Yahoo

Ok...I have been promoted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I was oficially promoted 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to absorb it first before allowing the rest of the world to absorb it. This IS a BIG deal to me...forgive me for loathing but yes, this is a goal I have reached. After 2 1/2 years in this company, I have finally made an accomplishment for myself and the company too.When I started with the company.When I started with the company, I did recruitment and staffing tasks and then prior to my promotion, I used to be in charge of the Compensation and Benefits department. Now I am the Labor Relations Officer...oh yeah lotsa reading to do. Gotta familiarize myself with the labor laws. But what the heck I love learning. This is going to be a new exciting experience for me and I can't wait to share with you my frustrations, triumphs and tears =)


Back to my boys, it is Josh's last day of school today and then he will officially be on Christmas break! I have noticed lately how hard headed he has become. Arghh. I do not know if this is his way of coping with Dash who is starting to assert himself at home too. I use the "face-the-wall" method with Josh (spanked him only a few times) which USED TO work when his little brother wasn't around yet. I still use it now, but after making him do it, count a couple of days and then he is bound to do the same "offense" again. There are times when my fuse box just blows up and I end up raising my voice at him. God I hope this is just a phase.

Dash still has a bad cough.I can still hear the gurgling in his chest especially when he laughs but I know that the anti biotics and medicines are working in him. He has slowly regained his appetite and is back to his normal babbling, drooling, milk monstery self.


Christmas is around the corner. Just 10 days to go. Suddenly getting sentimental again. This will be my second Christmas as an orphan.

Missing Mom and Dad

Yoohoo =)

Hey you guys =) People who read my blog =) I'd love to hear from you... comments on my entries would be warmly welcomed ...or drop me an e-mail =)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shattered Lives

So as mentioned yesterday, we went to visit the Lingap Center yesterday. It is a government institution which houses orphaned, abused, molested, unwanted children. Upon entering the center, I saw familiar faces of children who were already there when our company did the "Reverse Caroling" last year. The children in this institution have a more tragic background (if I may use that term) than the children at Hope House. One of the children there, a 7-year old boy who happens to be autistic was the result of rape (grandfather raped his grandaughter). One other kid, about a year old had cigarette burns all over his back. Apparently, the father of the kid is a drug addict and would make the kid his ashtray, mom of kid didn't want to leave the dad despite his crazy, sick actions and so left the kid at the center. There was also a 9-month old little girl who absolutely looked like an angel. Her mom ( who had a family already) left for abroad and then got herself pregnant by an American. The mom couldn't let her family know that she had an affair which resulted with having a child so she brought the little girl there and left her there. At this point, I still wanted to know more about these children but I also didn't want to anymore. How sad it is to know that in reality, things as such still exist. All of these kids here are up for adoption or are going to be up for adoption once they're papers are finalized. I hope and I pray that these children will find families who will love them and take care of them unconditionally.


On the home front, I brought the 2 boys to the pedia yesterday to have them checked. Josh was prescribed a mucolytic and was advised to continue nebulizing.Josh by the way had intermittent asthma (diagnosed whn he was 3 years old). He gets his attack during very cold weather or when exposed to a viral upper respiratoy track infection (a.k.a. the cough) and then has an attack. Dash on the other hand was given antibiotics (arghhhh) and was advised to continue with the nubulization too. Unlike the other night when both boys had such a restless night because of the congestion, both boys slept like angels last night ( you should see my smile right now). Dash even slept in until 7am!!!!! Yipee-yahoo! I am praying that both boys get well soon as hubby, Josh and I will be going to Manila next week and Dash will be having his Dedication on the 22nd (which also happens to be our 3rd year anniversay with hubby).

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Off To Experience Another Life Changing Experience

So our company is off to another orphanage this afternoon to do our "Reverse Caroling." Wish me and my tears all the luck in the world as this orphanage we are going to vivist houses molested, abused children.

Also, both boys are please be praying with me for them =)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Such Adorable Cute Things!

Saw these cute clips. They are sooooo cute! And I am sure that they will look soooooooo cute on any little girl. Nah...gave up on wishing on having a little mini-me of my own.
Check out their website at

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas ... And I'm Loving It!

Last Saturday, I started decorating our house. The Christmas tree is yet to make its big appearance this coming weekend as I was too tired to start assembling it last Saturday. Also, for the past month, I had been thinking of starting a collection ( Christmas and house decor collection). So during a bazaar that I went to last Saturday, I found a bunch of super cutie snowmen. I got a good deal on them, 5 cute snowmen for 500 pesos (picture below). And I came to thinking that next year, I would want to start a collection of African safari animals (giraffes, lions, tigers, gazelles, zebras and uh yeah maybe wildebeasts hehe).

This is a picture of my new Snowman Collection which I put in our dining area. (Painting above is a portrait of my dad done by one of his close artist friends. Dad was a veteran journalist in our city and an artist).

A closer view of my new cuties. Just lovin them =)

Reindeer by the fire place.

Welcome to our HOME =)

Friday, December 8, 2006

A Reason To Smile and Be Thankful For What I Have

So yes, I couldn't stand NOT posting. Decided on NOT reading anything cancer related in the meantime.
Moving forward...I had another life changing experience yesterday. For the past 2 Decembers, our company has been doing a program called " Reverse Caroling" wherein we visit orphanages / shelters for street children and sing carols for them. Traditionally, when someone goes caroling, it is to solicit help from the home / institution where you go caroling right? But since ours is called Reverse Caroling, what we do is we sing for the kids and we bring them food, canned milk, diapers, toys and clothes.
Yesterday, we went to the institution called HOPE HOUSE. It is a Christian based private orphanage which at the moment houses 21 children 7 of which are below the age of 1. Each child a unique being but with a common denominator: their story. I got to chat with one of the volunteers there and asked about how these kids were brought to their care. She said that some were abandoned, some were brought there by their mother out of sheer poverty, some were unwanted pregnancies. There was a 3 week old baby girl there who according to the volunteer was never wanted by her mother the day she was concieved. So when the mother found out that she was pregnant, she went to Hope House and informed them that she would be giving her baby to them the moment her baby was born. I asked about the stories of the other new born babies, volunteer said that their social worker would be going out next week to search for their mothers and get the stories. I was like "what the..." These kids do not even have any identity! Some of the babies were even named by the volunteers because their mothers couldn't even care less. By the way, naming a baby is a big deal to me. I believe that the name of a child will pretty much dictate who he / she will be when he / she grows up.
Found myself in tears. Suddenly missed my kids. Wanted to rush home and hug my two little superheroes.
During the merry making, one of the kids approached my officemate and asked " After this, are you taking me home?" My officemate turned to me and all I could do was bite my lip.
One of the kids there, a 2 year old boy was already officially adopted. Meaning, papers had been processed and approved. Family in Philadelphia sent him a family photo album. And he was just waiting for his ticket. Blessed kid. What about the other 20 kids who will be left behind?
This experience got me to think of all the blessing I have been showered with.
Lord thank you for my family.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Just Hating It...

I HATE CANCER. It chooses no one. Kills anyone. Threatens everybody.
I may choose not to post for a few days because I have noticed lately that I have become too attatched to the topic of Cancer which is making me a bit bitter about everything.

I will be back.

My Cuties

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The One When She Found Out

Mom was a smoker for 41 years of her life. But she excercised also most of her life. When she was in her early 30's, she got into aerobics, working out almost everyday and then later on transitioned into taebo. There were times when I would try working out with her and boy did she surprise me when I would have to take a water break and she didn't have to.
Come mid February of 2005, during one of their planning session seminars in one of the seminaries here in Baguio, Mom noticed that she had a very hard time walking up a very steep hill. She tried not to pay attention to this. But the week after, while walking in the mall, she had to stop several times to catch her breath. I'm sure Mom knew that something was wrong but she tried to ignore it. But that same day, during one of her stops to catch her breath, she bumped into one of her former students who happened to be a pulmonologist. Dr. S asked Mom what was wrong and she explained to him what she was feeling. Hearing this, Dr. S advised Mom to have an x-ray ultrasound of her lungs. Although reluctant, Mom went. Results were not good. Half of her left lung was almost not visible since it was filled with fluid and her right lung wasn't visible at all anymore. Dr. S scheduled Mom to be confined so that she could be aspirated.
Mom checked in the next day and the procedure went well. Dr. S was able to aspirate around 2 1/2 litres of fluid from Mom's lungs. Fluid was very yellow. Biopsy results would be out in 7 days.
Mom checked out the next day, according to her she was already feeling much better. Also, by this time Mom was already 48 hours smoke free -- nicotine free.
Later during that week, I had to go down to Manila to attend a meeting at our main office headquarters. Hubby accopmanied me. I got a call from Mom saying that they will have to do another aspiration to try and remove the remaining fluids. I asked her when she was going to check in and she said that she was going to wait for me. I got home after 2 days and was surprised that my Aunt met us at the gate saying that Josh was sleeping with her downsatirs because our househelp was with Mom in the hospital. I wasn't sure what was happening anymore.
I rushed inside the house and called Mom on her cellphone. I wanted to know why she checked in and why she didn't tell me. And then she said it -- "Lou, It's cancer."
SHIT now Im crying.
What?! Lou it's cancer. I have lung cancer. Stage IIIb. That night I cried myself to sleep.
The next day, I know I had to go to the hospital, but I was scared to see Mom. I called up my Aunts (sisters of my Mom) and cried to them. I cried out to the Lord and demanded from Him why He was doing this to us.
I went to the office and told my boss. I cried.
Fianlly, I went to the hospital. When I saw Mom, I ran to her and burried my head in her arms. I cried. She cried.
A tube was inserted to her lungs to drain the remaining fluid. She was to undergo chemotherapy. 6 cycles.
I got to talk to her oncologist, let me call her Dr. Nonsense. I asked her what the prognosis was. And she asnwered me by saying : " With chemo, she'll live for 6 months, without chemo, in 3 months she'll be dead." Pain turned into anger. Is this the doctor we are going to entrust my Mom's remaining days with? NO WAY.
I called up my Aunt in Manila. I said I want to bring Mom down to Manila for treatment in the best hospital only by the best doctor. My Aunt said she'd call me back with the final arrangements. She said that I made the right decision. I went back to see Mom and I told her that we were bringing her down. She said it would be too expensive. I said I didn't care. I told her to relax, to just let me fix all the necessary last minute arrangements and to trust that the Lord would carry us through. Later that afternoon, my Aunt called, all was ready at St.Luke's hospital and that she also founf a Christian oncologist who was more than willing to take care of Mom all I needed to do now was to make arrangements with the ambulance. I informed the nurses that we would be checking Mom out at 6am the next day because we would be bringing her down to Manila.
6am, the amulatory staff nurses came to pick Mom up. I was ready by 5. I sat in front, Mom was laying down at the back. I had my Bible and a slice of banana bread. I couldn't eat. My last meal was 2 days ago.
We arrived in Manila and went straight to the ER before Mom was admitted. My Aunt and cousin were there to meet us. Finally, after about an hour, Mom was finally wheeled in to her room. Then my Aunts from the States called up. We all broke down and hugged each other.
But I felt safe. I knew my Mom was in good hands.

17 Years and Counting

Last night, I got a text from Jo, one of my friends of 17 years and she asked me when our Christmas party would be.
Backtrack a bit... I had classmates (14 of them) in first grade who have become my lifetime friends. We were all classmates until 6th grade and then we went to different highschools and eventually different colleges -- but despite the distance, we all remained very close friends. Some of them are now working in cities hours away from our hometown but we have our regular get together's and mini informal reunions whenever there is a holiday allowing them to come home.
So Jo texted me and I came to thinking about how excited I am about seeing my friends again. They were the bunch of nuts we were with when we went on that vacation to Boracay hehe. Together we spend hours and hours chit chatting, talking about life, our heartaches, our hopless romantic sentiments. We can spend hours and hours laughing or reminiscing about the past. Together we've seen friends go through pregnancies, baptisms and dedications and a wedding. I say A wedding because I am the only one married among them! Although a couple of us have kids already.
I am so thankful for friends like them. They are a big part of the reason why I say that life still gives me a reason to smile.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tuesday's with me

I'm back..been 4 days again...quite a long time again. Had a non-working holiday last December 1 so I took advantage of spending time with the kids. God we need more holidays in the Philippines (hah!).
Been into reading blogs about cancer patients , cancer survivors and caregivers of cancer patients and it made me realize how precious our health is indeed. Mom's battle with cancer must have been really hard and painful. Will write more about mom's battle when Im up to it.
Back to the homefront...
Dash has been a real voracious eater. I started giving him cereals and then transitioned to bottled baby foods with a little more texture. But I figured that natural food is still the best. So as soon as he finished his last bottled food, I will start with natural veggies and fruits. Boy am I excited. He is such an easy baby to feed. Just keeps opening his mouth, spoon after spoon delighted by the feeling that something is in his mouth. I also started him on juice, those gerber baby juices. Actually, as mentioned in my previous posts, Josh never really liked juice and food in general (when he was a kid, that is) so my experience with Dash now is something so new and exciting for me. Anyway, back to the juice thing, Dash absolutely enjoyed his first taste of apple-carrot juice. I try to give him at least 2oz of juice everyday. I tried giving him one of those Gerber Biter Biscuits. Dash immediately grasped it and put it in his mouth. I was watching him suck on it, amazed at how that biscuit made Dash keep still, satisfied that my baby looked too satisfied. And then the biscuit became too soft allowing my toothless baby to bite a chunk into his mouth. God I panicked. Was I supposed to panic? Anyway, I did. I put my finger in his mouth and reached in for the chunk of biscuit. Dash started to cry. I took away the biscuit from him, too scared that he could not handle whole chunks of food yet. He went wild.
It's Josh's last 2 weeks of school before they go on Christmas break. I am excited about their Christmas program. Let me tell you, there is nothing more amazing to see than your 4 year old kindergarten student performing on stage, even if you can barely get the tune of the song or the step medley of the dance.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm ready -- or so I thought I was

For the past month or so, I have been reading blogs -- mainly of people with babies, of people with babies with special needs, of new wifeys, of new mommies. And that is the main reason why I decided to start my own blog in the first place, to update whoever about the going on's in my life with my hubby and 2 wonderful little superheroes. And then today, it happened. I decided to write a short something about my mom who passed away because of cancer. And then I decided to search for blogs about cancer -- cancer patients, relatives of cancer patients, cancer survivors. I came acrooss a few. I read them. And then I broke down. I didn't exaclty cry. What, cry in front of my officemates??? No way. I broke down inside. Suddenly all the memories of mom's battle came flooding back.
For the past 3 years I have been telling myself that I was ok, doing just fine, coping with my circumstances just well. Am I to continue doing so despite the fact that deep inside of me I am still shattered?
Psychiatrists are not an IN thing in the Philippines more so in our small city. But I have been looking for one who could help me. Help me revisit my past, talk about my past, listen to my pain, anger, bitterness, hurt, angst, help me realize that it's ok to break inside yet help me discover who I can be in order to be whole again.


I Hate It.

January 7, 1948 - October 23, 2005

I know I need to get this out.

Mom was a smoker. She lit her first cigarette when she was 16 years old. I once asked her how and why she ever started smoking. She said that when she was 16, she was part of a foreign exchange student program. She was sent to Connecticut in 1963 and there she lived for a year. For the first time, she was free. She was exposed to a whole new different culture. According to her, almost all of her friends were into smoking and they all thought that smoking was cool. So she lit her own stick. And she liked it. She never kicked the habbit. She smoked for 41 years only stopping for a year and a couple of months when she got pregnant with me. I asked her, if you were able to quit when I was in your womb, how come you went back to it? She said, she just did.

Although my dad also smoked, my mom was a much heavier smoker. My dad was THE drinker --but that's a whole different story.

I remember when I was a kid, I put up NO SMOKING signs all over the house so that my mom and dad would refrain from smoking inside the house. Growing up, I got used to seeing mom smoke after meals, smoke when she was tense or stressed -- smoke whenever and wherever.

After my dad died in April of 2004, Mom continued smoking. This was her way of relaxing. And then one day, sometime in February 2005, It hit her --she wasn't feeling well anymore.

I miss you Ma...everyday I think of what life would be today if you, me, dad and your grandkids were still all happily living together. I cry -- I still do. I tried to tell myself that things would get better , that I would eventually learn to move on, learn to live without you...but it is so damn hard.

I miss you...someday we will be together again. We will laugh and tell stories just like the old times.

God I miss my mom.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Josh and Dash

6 month old Happy Baby.... The BIG Guy with his way too small bike
I wish they'd remain babies forever =(


Dash turned 6 months yesterday...again, time flies real fast.
I remember how samll and tiny he was when I first saw him after they took him out from my tummy--but he did have a loud cry. I was so worried if he was ok, if he was healthy, if his fingers and toes were complete.
Today, Dash never ceases to amaze me. He has grown into a round cute ball. Full of surprises. He loves playing with his 10 little fat toes. He loves his milk. He enjoys waking me up at 5am. He loves putting everything in his mouth.
I'd do everything for him and his brother. I am so blessed by these two little superheroes!
I love this boy!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Been That Long Ago?

Gosh, It's been 4 days since my last post? Hah just means that I've been that busy. Boy, time sure did fly by.
Dash turns 6 months today!!! Time sure flies by--really.
The weekend was great. Did I ever mention how hectic the house can get during the weekend? With the nanny rushing to finish all chores, cleaning the house, washing the rags, wiping the windows, sweeping the yard, ironing the that all major chores are done by Monday since Monday is laundry day? Oh yeah I did mention that Monday was laundry day. Anyway, so yes the house gets pretty busy on weekends, so I decided to get a Friday our case -- a Saturday lady. So the house was a little more relaxed last Saturday, since the cleaning lady (changed names again) came over to finish the major chores. So I thought that this morning would be a little more relaxing. NOT!!!! Dash was up at 3:46 AM (yup I checked the watch beside me). SO I got up to make a bottle for him. His eyes were shut at first but after gulping down just 2oz'z, his eyes opened and then he started grunting ( the sound he makes while poo'ing). So I thought, great, poop at 3:36AM just great. After a good 15mins of grunting, I got up to check his diaper. No poop. Then he became really grumpy. Now Dash isn't your typical difficult, grumpy baby. In fact he is the complete opposite. So this grumpy mood of his was new to me. Then I remembered, he didn't poop yesterday!!! Arghhhh constipated it is.
So, going back. The weekend was great. great enough. Friday night, we had dinner with my bestfriend (it was her 25th birthday) and no I am not as old as her --yet haha. We spent Saturday morning at home with the two kiddos. In the afternoon, I brought Josh to see my Aunt (wife of Mom's brother) who brought Josh to see Happy Feet. Bot did he enjoy it. Sunday morning, we all went to Sunday worship and then had lunch at the Club House with relatives (Mom's side). My Aunt (sister of Mom) came home from the States. We all had a good time.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today, I thought of writing a little bit more about myself, my hubby and my two boys.

As mentioned, I am an early twenty something wife and working mom. I am an orphan and an only child. I was born and bred in Baguio City and have lived here all my life. I had my first child when I was in 3rd year college. I was 19 years old when I delivered Josh. I stopped school for a semester while waiting for my due date. I enjoyed my pregnancy and gained 30 lbs. I labored for 14 long hours just to find out that I was CPD. Josh was already experiencing fetal distress and that's when my OB decided to do an emergency c-section. The first 3 months of Josh were really bad. I experienced post partum depression, I had the worst time breastfeeding, I felt so incompetent as a mother and Josh just wouldn't sleep straight thru the night. When Josh was 1 year 10months, I married hubby. I lost my dad 2 1/2 years ago. Last September, I lost my father-in-law and a month later, I lost my mom. Also, I got pregnant in early September of last year. I was working while pregnant with the second one and was totally stressed out. I tried hard to gain weight during my 1st and 2nd trimester but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. I doubled up on my vitamins and pre-natal milk but to no avail. I had pre-term labor at 7 months and went on bed rest for 1 week. My last ultrasound (at 32 weeks) showed that the baby only weighed 2.3kgs pushing my OB to conclude that I may have had a mild case of IUGR. Hubby and I decided to schedule the cesearan delivery on May 27, 2006. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been working with the Human Resource Department of one of the call centers here in our city. So far, I've had my good days and I've had my bad ones in the office (don't we all?!?) but I have been enjoying my job in general. I plan to continue my masters next June when the little one turns a year old. I enjoy keeping the home, doing the groceries, cooking and playing with my 2 boys. I love sushi, buffalo wings and mango shakes,the color pink and pooh bear. I have in the past 4 1/2 years learned to love trucks, blocks, cars and robots. I have given up on the dream of someday having a mini-me princess of my own as hubby and i have decided that life is indeed hard and that our 2 boys are enough to rock our world.

Hubby on the other hand, is a year older than me. He worked as a selling supervisor for one of the malls in our city for 2 years. During his time there, we had no family bonding time since his day off was always ona weekday (when I was at work) and my days off were always on weekends (when he was at work). Hubby loves cars. When he left his job in January of this year, he ventured into 2 businesses. He set up an auto repair shop where they do paint jobs and body repairs for cars and he started his buy-and-sell business of cars. So far, as in all businesses, there are dry months and there are blessed months. Hubby enjoys bringing Josh to the movies and to the mall.

Josh, my eldest was born on February 24, 2002 at 40 weeks and 1 day. He weighed 3.4kgs and was 49.5cm long. APGAR was 9 and 10. He had jaundice and had to be confined in the hospital for 7 days so that he could undergo photolight therapy. During his first year, Josh loved balls. All sort of balls. He loved barney and elmo dearly. He said mama when he was 7months old. turned on his tummy when he was 4 months. He never crawled. Nor did he ever attempt to hold on to something and pull himself up. He took his 1st steps alone when he was 10 3/4 months old. During his second year, he was into match box, blues clues and blocks. He loved chicken and rice and developed a liking for iced tea. Josh never liked the taste of soda drinks and was never a chocolate and cookie eater. When he turned 3, we decided to enroll him in nursery class. This decision came about when both hubby and I were working and realized that it wasn't healthy for Josh to be left home alone with the nanny. His 3rd year was all about sesame street, dora, hot wheels, spiderman, the incredibles and play dough. He potty trained a few months after his 3rd birthday. SHortly after his 3rd birthday, we discovered that he had primary complex and asthma. His primary complex has been treated with 6 months worth of antibiotics but he still gets his asthma attacks at least every 3 motnhs. When Josh turned 4, he learned how to swim. Succeeding weekends were then spent on beach trips to La Union (about an hour's drive from Baguio). Today Josh still drinks milk and sleeps with his 2 ft pooh bear. Up until 2 days ago, Josh was still drinking milk from the bottle.

Dash screamed his way into this world on May 27, 2006 at 38 weeks via a scheduled c-section. He weighed a tiny 2.8kgs and was 49cm long. APGAR was 8 and 9. Surprisingly, he seemed a little more healthier than his big brother Josh. Dash had no jaundice. I breastfed Dash up until he was 5 months and then my milk dried up. His first month was a month of adjustments for all of us at home. After 4 1/2 years, suddenly there was a baby at home again. Dash's sleeping schedule wasn't well formed yet. His second month was a little better. He started to eat voraciously which caused me to lose all the weight I gained during my pregnancy with him. When Dash was 3 months, he developed a better sleeping schedule at night, only waking up to feed. His poopoo schedule also straightened out, with one poop/day basis. On his fourth months, he began to experiment with his voice, gurgling and babbling during his waking hours. He enjoyed it when we would bring him out to the garden to sunbathe. He also enjoys playing on his rocker. Dash turned on his tummy when he was 5 1/2 months. Just recently, I started feeding him cereals and boy does he love eating! Today, Dash is a very active chubby little big baby who never fails to amuse and entertain me, hubby and Josh.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I've been wanting to post my flickr photos on my blog but I can't seem to do so. Anybody' help truly appreciated =)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ramblings for the Day

Good Morning world =)
Yup i am feeling a lot better today. sore throat gone, runny nose no longer runny, had a good night's sleep -- oh yeah dash got up at 530 this morning but hubby picked him up from my side and allowed me to snooze off to dreamland for another hour. ah how i love hubby when he does such.
So last night dash fell from the bed...god yes he bad. i know.geez. we were all getting ready for bed. josh was on the mattress watching tv while the little one was on the bed (on his tummy), i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and hubby was somewhere in the house. and then hubby walked into the room and shouted when he saw dash on the matress. and then dash began to cry and cry and cry. i rushed out of the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth while trying to demand if dash was alright. josh started to cry. and then chaos. it took a few minutes for all of us to settle down. im guessing that dash started to cry because he got startled with hubby shouting and my panicking. but as soon as everyone settled down, so did dash. the matress on the floor is thick so there were no bumps on dash's head. god i got i noted in dash's baby book: dash's first fall 11-20-06 at 5 3/4 months. which got me thinking of josh's first fall. i went to look for josh's baby book and found that his first fall from the bed was at 10months. he was asleep and then he turned and then !-bump-! yup he got a big bump on his head.
Which got me thinking about the similarities and differences of josh and dash. when I got pregnant the second time, i started to compare my 1st pregnancy to my 2nd pregnancy the moment i found out i was expecting again.
I was a lot bigger during my first pregnancy. i experienced the worst morning sickness which would strike at exactly 6pm every night during my 1st three months. i craved for steak and sweets. i was still studying at that time. i labored for 14 long hours just to find out that i was CPD which meant that they eventually had me undergo c-section. josh came out a healthy 3.4kgs 49.5cm baby.Oh yeah, I gained 30 freakin pounds when i carried josh.
I was a lot smaller with dash. i figured that it was that way because i experienced too much stress during my first trimester. i got pregnant early september 2005. september 27, hubby's dad passed away. when october arrived, my mom was confined in the hospital. i would travel down to manila (5hours away from home) every weekend until october 23 when mom finally decided to go home to her heavenly dwelling. i never experienced morning sickness with dash, i had no cravings. and since i was CPD, my OB informed that i would forever have to deliver via c-section. so my delivery was scheduled. dash came out a smal 2.8kg 49cm baby. i only gained 16 lbs with dash.
A lot of people say that the second baby is a lot easier to handle. im guessing that this is true because of 'experience.' josh seemed to be a real fussy baby. sleepless nights were until josh was 4months. i was a young mom then (19 years), not fully knowing how to handle a baby. i had the worst experience with breastfeeding, i hated it actually. bathing josh was hubby's duty up until josh could hold his head up by himself. i was too scared! recovery took the longest time. I couldn't sit and stand by myself until about the 3rd week post delivery. weight loss was the worst. and although josh was born a bigger baby, weight gain/ month was kinda slow.
As soon as dash was handed over to me, small as he was, it was as if i knew what to do with him right away. Although he didn't latch on properly right away, I loved the feeling of cuddling him while breastfeeding him. i was able to sit and stand by myself 2 days post delivery. as soon was we got home from the hospital, i gave dash his first bath. i lost the 16lbs i gained in a month. i also noticed that i was a lot more at ease with dash. i never had too many panicky moments with him. dash also gains an average of 1 kg per month. so now, he already weighs 8kgs at only 5 3/4 months =)
No two people will ever be the same. Inspite of and despite their differences, I love my boys dearly and will do anything for them, anytime =)

Monday, November 20, 2006

They Make Me Smile

God I love My Boys

Manic Monday

Weekend over...Back to reality...
The weekend wasn't as fun as it usually is. Saturday morning I woke up with an itchy- scartchy throught, runny nose and a headache. Sunday was a bit better. We woke up early enough and went to church. We usually eat luch out after service but this time, hubby requested we go home for lunch so that he could catch Pacquiao's bout with Morales.
Monday mornings are always the busiest for me. Monday is laundry day. So our yaya (nanny) wakes up early in the morning to start the laundry so that she's done by the time we have to leave the house. So this means that when dash, (that's baby superhero) wakes up at 530am, I have to get up as well arrghh ( i usually turn the little one over to the nanny and go back to sleep till about 630). since yaya is busy with the laundry, i cook breakfast, clean and tidy up the rooms, take a bath and then bathe dash and josh (little superhero 1) and prepare josh for school. So by the time I reach the office, Im about ready to sleep LOL. Waaah. And a couple of minutes ago, when I got to the office, I was once again reminded about the load of work I have left to finish -- stacks of gov't mandated registration forms ready for processing a box full of folders waiting to be noticed...ahhh.
Anyway, away with the pessimism...I am actually looking forward to this week. My aunt (mom's youngest sister) arrived from the States last night. So this week will be spent enjoying "mini reunions" with family and friends. It's also my best friends birthday on Friday, we will be celebrating it at her house on Saturday.
Mondays may be hectic but I guess I just have to get used to living and loving it =)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Self Assuring

Just a quick post, I came across this blog. All you mommies out there check this out =)

Of Beaches and Beyond

Last weekend, hubby and I together with a couple of our closest friends -- 7 to be exact, went on a mini vacation in Boracay! Oh yes, we spent 3 days child-free...3 whole days to ourselves just relaxing, SLEEPING straight through the night and chit chatting by the beach with friends. Oh yes, I definitely had that guilty feeling but I reminded myself that yes, I do need time for myself sometimes. Hubby's mom, ok fine my mother in law, volunteered to sleep over at our house to watch over the 2 little super heroes. There were no alarming updates from her while we were gone, in fact, she told us that she wouldn't mind staying another night if we decided to extend out vacation!!! LOL! No we didn't extend. So anyway, back to our Boracay getaway....
For those of you who haven't heard of Boracay (who hasn't heard of this world class beach!?!?!?!), it is located in the Visayas province of Kalibo. Anyway, it has a spectacular beach...with powdery white sand and crystal blue water. Bora is also known to be a party place -- with bars, discos and pubs lined along the shore. Beer and cocktails are served 24 hours a day. It a perfect place to unwind with friends , i must say. So went I went there earlier this year, I wasn't quite able to enjoy the whole Bora party place mood since I was 5 months pregnant!!! So this vacation was really my chance of enjoying the Boracay beach party mode.

God we had a blast. The friends we went with were my classmates from elementary. Yes we are very close friends. Even our parents are very close. So anyway, my friends and I were able to sun bathe ( i actually burned the hell out of my skin) while we shared out never ending stories about everyone and everything, had yummy fruit shakes by the shore, swam in the ever so clean beach and we even had a lobster dinner! It was my first time to eat lobster by the way. After dinner we hung out and shared a few drinks. Incidentally, it was also sort of a going away party for one of my friends who will be elaving for Singapore in Saturday to work there...sad.

Hubby and I returned to reality on Sunday night, tired, exhausted but totally refreshed.

The next morning, I tried oh yes I tried to open my eyes but they just couldn't bring themseleves to open themselves! So I called the Boss and asked her if I could take the morning off. Luckily, she agreed. So I reported back to work in the afternoon.

I so can't wait for the next vacation. We're targetting Palawan but this time with our two little superheroes in tow =)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am This

For the past month or so, I have managed to amuse myself by reading blogs of other people. Yes, I manage to do that while working! So I said to myself, why not amuse other people too =)

For starters, allow me to share with you a little part of who I am and eventually, as I master this craft, I will slowly share a bigger part of my little worl with you readers.

I am an early twenty something working mom and wife to three wonderful boys. My 2 little boys are ages 4 yrs & 10months and 5 1/2 months and my little big boy is -- hubby!

My dad succomed to liver cirrhosis last April 7, 2004 and my mom battled cancer until October 23, 2005.

So far, I have been managing myself pretty well -- caring for my two little super heroes and being a loving wife while caring for a home and working my ass off to contribute to the financial needs of our house.

Welcome to my world =)