Friday, November 17, 2006

Of Beaches and Beyond

Last weekend, hubby and I together with a couple of our closest friends -- 7 to be exact, went on a mini vacation in Boracay! Oh yes, we spent 3 days child-free...3 whole days to ourselves just relaxing, SLEEPING straight through the night and chit chatting by the beach with friends. Oh yes, I definitely had that guilty feeling but I reminded myself that yes, I do need time for myself sometimes. Hubby's mom, ok fine my mother in law, volunteered to sleep over at our house to watch over the 2 little super heroes. There were no alarming updates from her while we were gone, in fact, she told us that she wouldn't mind staying another night if we decided to extend out vacation!!! LOL! No we didn't extend. So anyway, back to our Boracay getaway....
For those of you who haven't heard of Boracay (who hasn't heard of this world class beach!?!?!?!), it is located in the Visayas province of Kalibo. Anyway, it has a spectacular beach...with powdery white sand and crystal blue water. Bora is also known to be a party place -- with bars, discos and pubs lined along the shore. Beer and cocktails are served 24 hours a day. It a perfect place to unwind with friends , i must say. So went I went there earlier this year, I wasn't quite able to enjoy the whole Bora party place mood since I was 5 months pregnant!!! So this vacation was really my chance of enjoying the Boracay beach party mode.

God we had a blast. The friends we went with were my classmates from elementary. Yes we are very close friends. Even our parents are very close. So anyway, my friends and I were able to sun bathe ( i actually burned the hell out of my skin) while we shared out never ending stories about everyone and everything, had yummy fruit shakes by the shore, swam in the ever so clean beach and we even had a lobster dinner! It was my first time to eat lobster by the way. After dinner we hung out and shared a few drinks. Incidentally, it was also sort of a going away party for one of my friends who will be elaving for Singapore in Saturday to work there...sad.

Hubby and I returned to reality on Sunday night, tired, exhausted but totally refreshed.

The next morning, I tried oh yes I tried to open my eyes but they just couldn't bring themseleves to open themselves! So I called the Boss and asked her if I could take the morning off. Luckily, she agreed. So I reported back to work in the afternoon.

I so can't wait for the next vacation. We're targetting Palawan but this time with our two little superheroes in tow =)

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