Monday, November 27, 2006

Been That Long Ago?

Gosh, It's been 4 days since my last post? Hah just means that I've been that busy. Boy, time sure did fly by.
Dash turns 6 months today!!! Time sure flies by--really.
The weekend was great. Did I ever mention how hectic the house can get during the weekend? With the nanny rushing to finish all chores, cleaning the house, washing the rags, wiping the windows, sweeping the yard, ironing the that all major chores are done by Monday since Monday is laundry day? Oh yeah I did mention that Monday was laundry day. Anyway, so yes the house gets pretty busy on weekends, so I decided to get a Friday our case -- a Saturday lady. So the house was a little more relaxed last Saturday, since the cleaning lady (changed names again) came over to finish the major chores. So I thought that this morning would be a little more relaxing. NOT!!!! Dash was up at 3:46 AM (yup I checked the watch beside me). SO I got up to make a bottle for him. His eyes were shut at first but after gulping down just 2oz'z, his eyes opened and then he started grunting ( the sound he makes while poo'ing). So I thought, great, poop at 3:36AM just great. After a good 15mins of grunting, I got up to check his diaper. No poop. Then he became really grumpy. Now Dash isn't your typical difficult, grumpy baby. In fact he is the complete opposite. So this grumpy mood of his was new to me. Then I remembered, he didn't poop yesterday!!! Arghhhh constipated it is.
So, going back. The weekend was great. great enough. Friday night, we had dinner with my bestfriend (it was her 25th birthday) and no I am not as old as her --yet haha. We spent Saturday morning at home with the two kiddos. In the afternoon, I brought Josh to see my Aunt (wife of Mom's brother) who brought Josh to see Happy Feet. Bot did he enjoy it. Sunday morning, we all went to Sunday worship and then had lunch at the Club House with relatives (Mom's side). My Aunt (sister of Mom) came home from the States. We all had a good time.

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