Monday, November 20, 2006

Manic Monday

Weekend over...Back to reality...
The weekend wasn't as fun as it usually is. Saturday morning I woke up with an itchy- scartchy throught, runny nose and a headache. Sunday was a bit better. We woke up early enough and went to church. We usually eat luch out after service but this time, hubby requested we go home for lunch so that he could catch Pacquiao's bout with Morales.
Monday mornings are always the busiest for me. Monday is laundry day. So our yaya (nanny) wakes up early in the morning to start the laundry so that she's done by the time we have to leave the house. So this means that when dash, (that's baby superhero) wakes up at 530am, I have to get up as well arrghh ( i usually turn the little one over to the nanny and go back to sleep till about 630). since yaya is busy with the laundry, i cook breakfast, clean and tidy up the rooms, take a bath and then bathe dash and josh (little superhero 1) and prepare josh for school. So by the time I reach the office, Im about ready to sleep LOL. Waaah. And a couple of minutes ago, when I got to the office, I was once again reminded about the load of work I have left to finish -- stacks of gov't mandated registration forms ready for processing a box full of folders waiting to be noticed...ahhh.
Anyway, away with the pessimism...I am actually looking forward to this week. My aunt (mom's youngest sister) arrived from the States last night. So this week will be spent enjoying "mini reunions" with family and friends. It's also my best friends birthday on Friday, we will be celebrating it at her house on Saturday.
Mondays may be hectic but I guess I just have to get used to living and loving it =)

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