Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ramblings for the Day

Good Morning world =)
Yup i am feeling a lot better today. sore throat gone, runny nose no longer runny, had a good night's sleep -- oh yeah dash got up at 530 this morning but hubby picked him up from my side and allowed me to snooze off to dreamland for another hour. ah how i love hubby when he does such.
So last night dash fell from the bed...god yes he fell.my bad. i know.geez. we were all getting ready for bed. josh was on the mattress watching tv while the little one was on the bed (on his tummy), i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and hubby was somewhere in the house. and then hubby walked into the room and shouted when he saw dash on the matress. and then dash began to cry and cry and cry. i rushed out of the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth while trying to demand if dash was alright. josh started to cry. and then chaos. it took a few minutes for all of us to settle down. im guessing that dash started to cry because he got startled with hubby shouting and my panicking. but as soon as everyone settled down, so did dash. the matress on the floor is thick so there were no bumps on dash's head. god i got scared.so i noted in dash's baby book: dash's first fall 11-20-06 at 5 3/4 months. which got me thinking of josh's first fall. i went to look for josh's baby book and found that his first fall from the bed was at 10months. he was asleep and then he turned and then !-bump-! yup he got a big bump on his head.
Which got me thinking about the similarities and differences of josh and dash. when I got pregnant the second time, i started to compare my 1st pregnancy to my 2nd pregnancy the moment i found out i was expecting again.
I was a lot bigger during my first pregnancy. i experienced the worst morning sickness which would strike at exactly 6pm every night during my 1st three months. i craved for steak and sweets. i was still studying at that time. i labored for 14 long hours just to find out that i was CPD which meant that they eventually had me undergo c-section. josh came out a healthy 3.4kgs 49.5cm baby.Oh yeah, I gained 30 freakin pounds when i carried josh.
I was a lot smaller with dash. i figured that it was that way because i experienced too much stress during my first trimester. i got pregnant early september 2005. september 27, hubby's dad passed away. when october arrived, my mom was confined in the hospital. i would travel down to manila (5hours away from home) every weekend until october 23 when mom finally decided to go home to her heavenly dwelling. i never experienced morning sickness with dash, i had no cravings. and since i was CPD, my OB informed that i would forever have to deliver via c-section. so my delivery was scheduled. dash came out a smal 2.8kg 49cm baby. i only gained 16 lbs with dash.
A lot of people say that the second baby is a lot easier to handle. im guessing that this is true because of 'experience.' josh seemed to be a real fussy baby. sleepless nights were until josh was 4months. i was a young mom then (19 years), not fully knowing how to handle a baby. i had the worst experience with breastfeeding, i hated it actually. bathing josh was hubby's duty up until josh could hold his head up by himself. i was too scared! recovery took the longest time. I couldn't sit and stand by myself until about the 3rd week post delivery. weight loss was the worst. and although josh was born a bigger baby, weight gain/ month was kinda slow.
As soon as dash was handed over to me, small as he was, it was as if i knew what to do with him right away. Although he didn't latch on properly right away, I loved the feeling of cuddling him while breastfeeding him. i was able to sit and stand by myself 2 days post delivery. as soon was we got home from the hospital, i gave dash his first bath. i lost the 16lbs i gained in a month. i also noticed that i was a lot more at ease with dash. i never had too many panicky moments with him. dash also gains an average of 1 kg per month. so now, he already weighs 8kgs at only 5 3/4 months =)
No two people will ever be the same. Inspite of and despite their differences, I love my boys dearly and will do anything for them, anytime =)

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