Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tuesday's with me

I'm back..been 4 days again...quite a long time again. Had a non-working holiday last December 1 so I took advantage of spending time with the kids. God we need more holidays in the Philippines (hah!).
Been into reading blogs about cancer patients , cancer survivors and caregivers of cancer patients and it made me realize how precious our health is indeed. Mom's battle with cancer must have been really hard and painful. Will write more about mom's battle when Im up to it.
Back to the homefront...
Dash has been a real voracious eater. I started giving him cereals and then transitioned to bottled baby foods with a little more texture. But I figured that natural food is still the best. So as soon as he finished his last bottled food, I will start with natural veggies and fruits. Boy am I excited. He is such an easy baby to feed. Just keeps opening his mouth, spoon after spoon delighted by the feeling that something is in his mouth. I also started him on juice, those gerber baby juices. Actually, as mentioned in my previous posts, Josh never really liked juice and food in general (when he was a kid, that is) so my experience with Dash now is something so new and exciting for me. Anyway, back to the juice thing, Dash absolutely enjoyed his first taste of apple-carrot juice. I try to give him at least 2oz of juice everyday. I tried giving him one of those Gerber Biter Biscuits. Dash immediately grasped it and put it in his mouth. I was watching him suck on it, amazed at how that biscuit made Dash keep still, satisfied that my baby looked too satisfied. And then the biscuit became too soft allowing my toothless baby to bite a chunk into his mouth. God I panicked. Was I supposed to panic? Anyway, I did. I put my finger in his mouth and reached in for the chunk of biscuit. Dash started to cry. I took away the biscuit from him, too scared that he could not handle whole chunks of food yet. He went wild.
It's Josh's last 2 weeks of school before they go on Christmas break. I am excited about their Christmas program. Let me tell you, there is nothing more amazing to see than your 4 year old kindergarten student performing on stage, even if you can barely get the tune of the song or the step medley of the dance.

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