Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shattered Lives

So as mentioned yesterday, we went to visit the Lingap Center yesterday. It is a government institution which houses orphaned, abused, molested, unwanted children. Upon entering the center, I saw familiar faces of children who were already there when our company did the "Reverse Caroling" last year. The children in this institution have a more tragic background (if I may use that term) than the children at Hope House. One of the children there, a 7-year old boy who happens to be autistic was the result of rape (grandfather raped his grandaughter). One other kid, about a year old had cigarette burns all over his back. Apparently, the father of the kid is a drug addict and would make the kid his ashtray, mom of kid didn't want to leave the dad despite his crazy, sick actions and so left the kid at the center. There was also a 9-month old little girl who absolutely looked like an angel. Her mom ( who had a family already) left for abroad and then got herself pregnant by an American. The mom couldn't let her family know that she had an affair which resulted with having a child so she brought the little girl there and left her there. At this point, I still wanted to know more about these children but I also didn't want to anymore. How sad it is to know that in reality, things as such still exist. All of these kids here are up for adoption or are going to be up for adoption once they're papers are finalized. I hope and I pray that these children will find families who will love them and take care of them unconditionally.


On the home front, I brought the 2 boys to the pedia yesterday to have them checked. Josh was prescribed a mucolytic and was advised to continue nebulizing.Josh by the way had intermittent asthma (diagnosed whn he was 3 years old). He gets his attack during very cold weather or when exposed to a viral upper respiratoy track infection (a.k.a. the cough) and then has an attack. Dash on the other hand was given antibiotics (arghhhh) and was advised to continue with the nubulization too. Unlike the other night when both boys had such a restless night because of the congestion, both boys slept like angels last night ( you should see my smile right now). Dash even slept in until 7am!!!!! Yipee-yahoo! I am praying that both boys get well soon as hubby, Josh and I will be going to Manila next week and Dash will be having his Dedication on the 22nd (which also happens to be our 3rd year anniversay with hubby).

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You know, it's really difficult to adopt to the US from the Philippines. The cost is about $35,000 or higher (not many people have this kind of money, as you can imagine!) and Filipino law apparently requires that families who adopt from abroad have only one child. Families like mine, with 3 children, are ineligible.