Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas ... And I'm Loving It!

Last Saturday, I started decorating our house. The Christmas tree is yet to make its big appearance this coming weekend as I was too tired to start assembling it last Saturday. Also, for the past month, I had been thinking of starting a collection ( Christmas and house decor collection). So during a bazaar that I went to last Saturday, I found a bunch of super cutie snowmen. I got a good deal on them, 5 cute snowmen for 500 pesos (picture below). And I came to thinking that next year, I would want to start a collection of African safari animals (giraffes, lions, tigers, gazelles, zebras and uh yeah maybe wildebeasts hehe).

This is a picture of my new Snowman Collection which I put in our dining area. (Painting above is a portrait of my dad done by one of his close artist friends. Dad was a veteran journalist in our city and an artist).

A closer view of my new cuties. Just lovin them =)

Reindeer by the fire place.

Welcome to our HOME =)

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