Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Christmas That Was

I'm back!!! Pictures to be posted after this post.

I can't believe that Christmas is over. I love Christmas. I sooo love Christmas. I look at this holiday as a time to spend with family --eating, lazing around, going places --just being together! Also, it was Dash's first Christmas.

There were A LOT of happenings this year.

I went on leave December 20th and went down to Manila. It was actually quite an unplanned trip. A week before I went on leave, my cousin called with good news. She said that she had just bought herself a car. Although it was a second hand car, it was a car that she waited for 3 years for. Finally, she found the model and brand at a very good price. Catch was -- she couldn't drive it up to Baguio by herself. So she requested that hubby go down to Manila so that he could drive up her 2001 Suzuki Vitara - woohoo. Suddenly, I felt the uhhm, ahh "need" to go down to Manila too. All of the good malls are there for cryin out loud. I "needed" to do my Christmas shopping there. So off to Manila we went - me Jet and Josh -- on December 20. We left Baguio on the 1am trip and arrived a little before 6am. We proceeded to my cousins apartment and lazed around for a couple of hours since the malls opened at 10. We went to the newest and biggest mall -- Mall of Asia. Oh yeah my feet ached after all that walking --but the shopping was sure worth all the pain! We then brought Josh to Greenhills to see the puppet show ( which even hubby and I used to watch when we were young-er). We left for Baguio the following day since the 22nd was going to be Dash's dedication. As soon as we arrived in Bsguio, I went staright to the chucrh to fix the decorations for Dash's dedication the next day.


Like almost all Filipino occasions, Dash's dedication started a bit late --which quite irritated me because the godparents only started to arrive at exactly 10:30 (the invitation indicated that the ceremony would start at 10:00). Dash was pretty well behaved the whole time. After the ceremony, we served lunch. Food was good.


I suddenly missed my Mom and Dad morning of the 24th when everyone was busy with last minute shopping, gift wrapping,etc. I just suddenly felt their not being present. Aftyernoon of the 24th, I cooked up 3 dishes for our Christmas dinner -- thai chicken basil, tofu with chili garlic dipping and a sushi platter. Ok sushi isn't cooked -- prepared that is.


Dash started to have fever afternoon of the 24th. We gave him paracetamol but his fever still did not go away. That night Dash did not sleep well -- so did I. He kept getting up during the night probably because he felt warm and all. The next day, he was a litlle cooler although he still had a slight fever. We went to hubby's relatives for Christmas lunch. Josh had a blast with his cousins. They were laughing and screaming and running all over the place! Dash was quite fretful as he still wasn't feeling well. We decided to bring home the kids a little after lunch. After taking the kids home, hubby and I met up with his sisters and cousins for coffee, ice cream and pizza.

Boy that was a tiring day.


Yesterday Dash still had the feverm we decided to bring him to his peed. No significant findings although she wanted to double check weather or not Dash may have gotten UTI. So she made us collect Dssh's pee and bring it to the lab for testing. Nope --negative (than God). Good thing the whole day yesterday, Dash's fever was a no-show.


Today is my Dad's birthday! ~~ Happy Birthday Dad ~~

In Loving Memory

Daniel Stephen M. Hamada

December 27, 1948 - April 7, 2004

Missing you Much Dad.


Today I am back to work.Trying to convince myself about the importance of my work. Arrghhh.

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