Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend That Was, Sleepless Nights and Other Things

The Weekend That Was...Pretty Much Uneventful.
The Weekend passed without much happenings around the house. Saturday was spent cleaning the house, arranging and rearranging the living room as our Christmas Tree made its debut only yesterday -- I know we only have 7 days left before Christmas. Anyway, Josh was picked up by my mother in law as he was to spend the weekend at my in-laws place. The little one stayed with us. Boy the house sure was a lot quieter without Josh around. Hubby suddenly had the urge to grill fish and steak for dinner. Yummy yum yum. On Sunday, we went to Sunday worship and then ate lunch out -- just me, hubby and Dash. After luch we went home had a quick nap and then lazed around the rest of the afternoon. Mom-in-law brought Josh home around 4pm. We then had leftovers for dinner.
Today, it's back to the usual hectic Monday we all are aquainted with.


Came across the blog of Gerah (read this: I-LOVE-HER-BLOG) and read her newest entry about sleepless nights with baby! I have heard and read a lot of stories of babies who at only 3-4 months already sleep thru the night!!!! And yes I do get envious. How do they do it!?!?? How come my babies don't?! With my eldest, I would have to get up at least 2x every night to give him a bottle. And now, even with my little one (who is turning 7 months in a week), I still have to wake up 2x a night to feed him. Am I doing it wrong? Am I not doing something right?


7 more days left before Christmas. I have mixed feelings. Of course I am excited especially since it will be Dash's first Christmas, although I am pretty sure he will have no idea what all the hustle and bustle is about. Excited also because there is nothing more adorable to see than your excited 4 1/2 year old son in awe of all the Christmas goodies given to him. But also sad since Mom and Dad won't be around anymore to share the fun, food and merry making. Every Christmas, my cousin and I agree on a certain food theme for our Christmas dinner. This year we decided on an "Asian" theme. yum. So far, I have decided on the following recipes: Thai Chicken Basil, Beef with Chinese Broccoli, Fried Tofu with Sweet & Sour Dipping and Sashimi. Splendid.


Dash's dedication will be on the 22nd. It also happens to be our 3rd year anniversary with hubby. Hmmm...another reason for me tp smile =)

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MomSquared said...

Hey Lou Ann, you're not doing anything wrong! My twins woke up at night until they were over a year old! That's life as a mommy, I guess!