Thursday, March 29, 2007


As I mentioned in the previous post, the wait at the airport seemed like forever

We boarded the plane a little before 10AM and arrived in Bangkok around 1PM Bangkok time. Bangkok is an hour behind Philippine time. After checking in at the hotel, Jet and I were famished, so we headed out and searched for a good Thai restaurant. Yummy.The next day, we toured the city, well basically we toured the temples.
And after miles of walking the streets, looking for the best bargains, our feet and bodies just wanted to give up. So we decided to try an authentic Thai massage which proved to be equally tiring as a Thai massage consists of a lot of stretching and unknotting knots. Felt good anyway. Whew.
So after that massage, we decided to walk a zillion miles again and look for good bargains again. By the end of the day, we were wiped out and decided to take the tuktuk back to the hotel. The tuktuk driver was kind enough to take our picture.
The next day, while walking out of the hotel, I caught a glimpse of a woman frying what looked to me like shrimps - sorta like mini tempura's. I love shrimp but shrimps in the Philippines is very expensive. Like for a kilo, it would cost somewhere between PHP 300 - 500 depending on the size of the shrimps. But this (picture above) only cost 20 baht and there were like 6 pieces! Thai street food could never have been better!

We took a break from shopping and visited Siam Ocean World. Cool fishes and sharks, fascinating large groupers. Here we suddenly missed the kids, we knew Josh would have been thrilled and Dash would have been confused hahaha. But yeah we felt the kids should have been with us.

The nest day (our last day), I was craving for no more Thai food (got it?). I just wanted a big fat juicy burger. We found a Burger King nearby the hotel. So Ketchup and Chili Sauce. Chili is a staple in Thailand. I also enjoying finding out what each fast food in each country has to offer that is unique to that country. Like in the Philippines, we serve our chicken with rice and we have what we call the Burger McDo - sweet Filipino taste. I discovered that in Thailand, they serve pork burgers! Too bad I had ordered my burger before seeing that, I would have wanted to taste it.

We did our last minute shopping and headed back to the hotel to pack as the airport service was to pick us up at 10:30AM. Shops in Bangkok open as early as 730AM.So yes we were shopping as early as that! And we left for Bangkok with just 1 suitcase and we had to buy another one to fit in all the goodies.

All ready to head back home :)

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Chaos Control said...

I sooooo need a vacation! *sigh* Thanks for letting me live vicariously through yours!