Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Me, bored. Waiting for my turn at the set of U-Turn. Jet with BJ Manalo, a college basketball star who also shared his testimony.

At the set minutes before the taping started. And then the taping itself!

After the taping. Jet, me and Donita Rose - pretty lady with a beautiful heart.

With the rest of the crew of 'U-Turn'

At Toys R' US

Huggable Baby

Yes, eat Krispy Kreme - loved them! Sugar High!

Josh feeding the fish during our lunch stop over on the way up home.


Shoshana said...

Louann, you're a star now! Yeah!

So, was Donita impressive in person? Wasn't she a contestant for Ms. Philippines or something like that?

SusieJ said...

You are one pretty lady. You look awesome!

louann said...

Shoshana, Donita was really really really nice. Very down to earth, no air at all!
I don't think she joined a beauty pageant but I know she used to be on 'That's Entertainment' haha :)

louann said...

Thanks Susie J :)