Thursday, March 1, 2007


I was watching the 7PM news last night and was filled with sadness and anger upon watching this report:
Baby dies shortly after Mom delivers.
Apparently, on October 18 this pregnant woman started to feel labor pains. So her husband took her to the hospital. Upon arriving there, none of the staff nurses or doctors paid any attention to her. THey only attended to her after her 14th hour of labor. According to the preganant lady, she could no longer bear the pain and was requesting the doctor attending to her to deliver the baby via c-section already. *now for the bomb* The doctor said that a c-section would not be possible because she did not have the money to pay for it. So she labored somemore and finally delivered the next day -- but the baby died because of fetal distress and since it took so long for the baby to come out, the baby was poisoned by it's own feces.
This was the woman's first baby. She carried the baby for 9 months in her womb without any complications.
What is that all about?!?
In the interview that followed the report, the woman admitted that she really did not have enough money to pay for a c-section. But does that give anybody the right to prevent a baby from living? What kind of doctor would do that? As of press time, the hospital had not released any formal statement yet.
It is just so frustrating and disgusting. Sad. You know?


Anonymous said...

It's a sad fact that the lives of the poor are usually less valued than the lives of the rich.


Amanda Sue said...

where did that happen???

i am sure it happens everywhere, but that makes me so angry! what right do those doctors have to steal a child from her mother?

louann said...

*shevon, I know. It IS a sad fact that a lot of people pretend as if it does not happen.

* amanda sue, this happened in one of the hospitals here in our country. sad. i don't know how i would deal with something like this if it happened to me.
i feel for the mother. the baby was a beautiful healthy looking baby.

Shoshana said...

That is sad. I remember when I was studying BS nursing. The rules are, if you're dying, as in will die in 60 minutes or less, they'll treat you enough so you last longer, and if you don't have money, they'll send you out.

This happens because there's not enough money to fun public hospital. Not many people pay proper taxes, and if they do, it's swindled by public officials. Corrupt public officials. This just makes me mad thinking about it.

Rebecca said...

This is the most tragic story I've heard in such a long time. Modern medicine is such a miracle and the field of obstetrics is no exception. The death of this baby could have been completely avoided with just BASIC care to this laboring mom. Some one to, some one to help her labor in different positions to speed the delivery, interminably the fetal heart tones to detect a problem, and a speedy c-section when the problem was detected might have resulted in a healthy baby. It breaks my heart.

And how amazing is it that this mother KNEW there was a problem and that she needed a c-section. If only doctors would respect the mother's intuition more...

And to imagine this baby died because medical attention was denied this mom based on her economic status is the most criminal of all. Did this happen in the USA? I wouldn't be surprised. The US has one of the HIGHEST infant and maternal mortality rates in all of the industrialized world because of (in part) scenarios just like this. It makes me so MAD.

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