Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Problem With Hello Is Goodbye....Sniff

WHY? Why do I have to say goodbye to my favorite TV shows?
Because they are not making enough money anymore? Because nobody watches them anymore? Because they think they are too good already? Because their networks refuse to pay a higher fee?
I'm not a TV junkie. No. But once I start watching a show and I come to really love it, there is no letting go for me.
Here are the shows I laughed and cried with. The shows which made me an addict!

1. FRIENDS - My all time favorite. I never mind watching re-runs over and over and over and over. 10 years of watching them did not seem like 10 years, seriously. Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you...

2. Sex and The City - ahhh Mr.Big!!!

3. The O.C. - yeah I know, but I still love it. Well OK, I love Ryan and now he's gone - for good.

4. Desperate Housewives - I'd want to be one someday. Hah!

5. One Tree Hill - Okay, this is my latest addiction and I am praying that it does not end soon.

Any suggestions as what I should get hooked on next?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Big was never appealing to me..

I like America's Next Top Model and Gray's Anatomy..


Amanda Sue said...

Gray's Anatomy! I can't believe it didn't already make your list!

That Chick Over There said...

I can't get into Gray's Anatomy.

I'm a total addict for Law and Order. I can't. stop. watching.

Also, Supernanny.

And...The Soup.

And there's a lot more but I'm ashamed of myself as it is. :)

louann said...

Oh dear, Gray's Anatomy is next on my list then. Even my officemates keep gushing about how it has become so addictive.
Thanks Shevon and Amanda Sue!
I always liked sourtroom drama's so I will check out Law and Order too. THanks you all!

Henry J. White said...

Ummm, Friends was one of the best series that did in television, a perfect script in my opinion, and I believe that it will be remembered during a lot of time. Smelly cat ... smelly cat.. XD.

I am not American not very well that hearing can have anatomy of gray, that is very good, auqnue particularly I, I do not see her ... not, there is something that does not convince me in the script. although of course other one of the fantastic North American series that more I like, ufff, is always undoubtedly antisocial House. Sarcastic, ironic and above a good doctor. a role that comes to him perfectly. (Certainly "house" appears in a chapter of friends, exactly when Rachel travels to London for the Wedding of Ross and Emily, if you remember Rachel, it goes in the plane speaking with the partner of seat, and ta chan! the one who is the sarcastic one and the ironic one?, our darling House!. jeje), umm without much ado that to say, I say goodbye attentively, a greeting from Spain.

Good blog his.

Farewell. That it has a good day, and excuse if my English is not very good.

Henry J. White