Saturday, March 3, 2007


Yes politics. I do not quite understand politics. Whether it be Philippine politics or Office politics.

This May, we will be voting for a new set of local officials (congressman,mayor,v.mayor and city councilors) as well as national officials (12 senators). The campaign period has kicked off and all I get to watch on TV are advertisements of these filthy rich senatoriables who are pretending to be the "answer to the long-standing poverty crisis of the Philippines." Sometimes I cringe just watching the senatoriables pretending to empathize and sympathize with the masses.
According to a news report, sufficient campaign funds for a 'popular' (meaning based on surveys, he comes in as one of the top 6 would be senators) would be approximately 100M pesos (around $ 2M). So why spend that amount on campaign materials when there are more important issues where this money would be more useful?
On to the more important issue -- office politics. It makes me sick. Some may say it is inevitable especially where there are discontented souls, envious hearts and immature minds lurking around in the workplace. I say that sucks.
For the past week or so I have listened to some of my co-workers who do not do anything but complain, compare and destroy fellow co-workers. Call it a mix of young, passioned go-getter's who want to climb the corporate ladder, but at the expense of an innocent person who just wants to get the job done as efficient as possible?
The sad thing is, there are such souls who actually end up climbing this so-called ladder to success and actually are successful. But until where is such success? Can they sleep at night knowing what they had done to earn their position right now? Have their hearts hardened to the point that they no longer feel the guilt? Are they even aware of the wrong they have done?
The existence of this sort of politics in this day and age - one I will never quite understand.


Shoshana said...

It's a nasty world out there. The strong and the cunning, and most often the cheaters will get on top.

As to what to do about it...we can't very well shoot them all and feed them to the dogs, so we just stand by and grit out teeth.

We have two presidential candidates in America right now. None of which I even feel like voting at all.

Demeter said...

I agree, I never liked politics in the office. I cringe too! One of the things I like about working as a consultant is that you don't get involved in office politics and all you do is do your work and get paid for it. that is the way it should be everywhere but..they also say that it is very lonely at the top!