Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Of Hope

Next month, we will be having our national and local elections. We will be voting for a new President, a new V.President, 12 new Senators and new Mayors, V.Mayors and Councilors at the city level.

I do have a soft spot for this because my Dad ran twice for Councilor in our city but lost twice. I never questioned his intentions more so his heart. We just couldn't stomach having to use money and coercion for him to make it to the city council.

In the years that have passed, I do wonder if there is any sense in even voting. I know my voting for the people who I believe are clean and of integrity will be put to a waste.

And the bigger question is, is there hope for my country?

When we went to the US embassy for the interview of my kids for the application of their US tourist visa, I couldn't help but pity the Filipino people. The embassy was swarming with Filipinos-- most dressed in their best 'dressed to impress clothes," in the hope of being granted a visa by the US embassy. I doubt if our embassies in other countries are even visited by a third of the number people present at the US embassy. The sad part is, we really cannot deny the fact that there still are a number of people who take advantage of whatever is granted to them and then further destroy the name of the Filipinos. But on the other hand, when desperation calls, one may really choose to live on the edge and risk whatever he or she has left just to have a better life.

How sad it is to know that we cannot find enough security in our own homeland to say that we are more than content and thankful for what our country has to offer us. I too have my bigger dreams but I still wonder sometimes what is more important - patriotism or the future of my children? It is very frustrating to have to feel desperate every once in a while knowing that my children deserve so much more than what their reality here in our country can only offer. I'd rather not want to have to contemplate on issues like these, but I must release my own selfish motives and face the inevitable.

Is there still hope? I hope.

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Sophiagurl said...

I still have faith in the Filipino people and hope to be a better country is all we have right now. The change must come from us.

Sad but true.