Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Icky Feeling

I knew it. I just knew it. But I never learn! I totally jinxed myself AGAIN. After posting how my pregnancy was going pretty well I came down with the worst colds which was accompanied by an itchy-scratchy throat and had my head aching for the past 3 days. Yesterday at work, my backed started to ache so much that I started to cry.
I went for my check up yesterday. So far, I haven't gained weight BUT the baby is growing. I got to hear the heart beat as well. I was prescribed antibiotics as well.
And with my boss being on leave, I had to go to work this morning. But I really couldn't take it anymore so I took the half day off. Eeech.


Momisodes said...

Yikes. I am so sorry. Back pain can really make your entire body feel awful. I really hope you feel better soon and the antibiotics rid this cold.

Heather said...

Sounds like me last winter!! Hope you feel better soon.