Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Times When We Don't Meet Eye To Eye

Josh: Mom, let's play the guessing game! You go first!

Me: Ok. Guess who's blue...

Josh: Blue! (of Blue's Clues)

Me: Nope. He has a red nose. Long skinny arms and legs.


Me: Ok, he's a puppet monster.


Me: Kids love him (hopeful voice)

Josh: Who's that??!!!

Me: Grover! (Geez)

Josh: Ok, it's still your turn.

Me: Guess who's black and white, is a cat and says "I tot I saw a........"

Josh: Tweety Bird isn't a cat mom.




Midas said...

that's pretty cute.

It's Yossi's first day of school today.

Heather said...


Sandy C. said...

LOL! I haven't seen those cartoons in so long I'd forget too :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Ha! Ha! That's sooo funny! You can never win with kids nowadays.

C said...

LOL! Too cute!