Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HAH! Who Would Have Thought.

This is it. The time that I never imagined myself facing has finally come. Doing homework with my child. I never gave serious thought to anything beyond breastfeeding, bottles, diapers, burping, crawling, 1st day of Kindergarten, school programs. I mean I seriously thought that was it. Gawd!

He used to bring home pages to be colored, pictures to be cut out or letters to be traced. I could deal with that.

Two days ago he came home with an assignment. He needs to do an oral report on Somalia and pick one holiday celebrated by that country. And because I was trying to be traditional, I referred to the good ol' World Book encyclopedia. I did get relevant information but I had to admit that nothing would beat the World Wide Web.

Anyway. So OK an oral report. I realized how physically draining and emotionally draining it was and still is (as we are still half way through his report) for both my son and I! I had to remind myself a million times that I wasn't the one doing the report but it was my son. That it wasn't MY report but his. That my son was doing a report for a 6 year old. Many many times I forgot that it wasn't a report for a 26 year old lady enrolled in a masteral class. So I had to edit and re-edit so much information. And then there was the writing problem. Of course as we were reading through articles, I expected him to start jotting down notes but then again he is 6! And then both of us started to get frustrated. And many times I told myself that this is HIS report and not mine. All I must do is guide him and help him and not dictate upon him how he should do it.

Of course as I sit here now, I find myself shaking my head while laughing.

Wait until he brings home Algebra problems sets. Totally out of here.


Karen MEG said...

Yes, it does become a challenge when they start bringing projects home. And I am BAAAAD... trying to pretty up his displays and everything. If I could I would do a powerpoint presentation for him!

At least I felt like it last year when he did his country (Germany) and invention project ... he was 7 LOL!

Heather said...

Wow, that's a big job for a 6-year-old! My daughter has worksheets for homework where she practices writing spelling words and practices math. So far I've been able to let her do it all. I'm dreading the years when algebra comes home.

SusieJ said...

Louann, I feel your pain. It is "his" report, I often tell my self.

C said...

My 13 year old niece was over last night because she needed my help for French and English. Plus, I think she was secretly sent over by the "bed rest wardens" to make sure I am strictly observing my bed rest! ;)

I was amazed at what she is studying! Thankfully, her auntie C is an English Major and minored in French! Now, if she came to me for math, that would be a different story!

BTW, I have something for you on my blog: http://lifeonmanitoulin.blogspot.com/2008/10/thank-you-thank-you-very-much.html

Heart of Rachel said...

Was that for the U.N. day? It sounds like a challenging report for a 6-year old.

I can relate. My son is just in preschool and sometimes he brings home assignments and projects that need parent assistance.

Midas said...

I am getting use to the homework. My daughter have never asked for help with homework...but now, Iget to do homework. Lots of it.