Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Them Being Away

Glad to know I didn't lose any friends by not blogging for ages. Gosh, 4 months does seem like ages.

So it's only been a week since my 8 year old and almost 4 year old flew off for a 5 week vacation. When I was told that they were going with my Aunt to visit my cousin in Portland, I was initially very, very excited. Why wouldn't I be? It's an experience I cannot afford to offer them at this point and traveling is always a very, very rich learning experience regardless of the destination. As the days crept by to the day of their departure, I suddenly felt very uneasy and queasy about the thought of them being gone for so long. I was definitely not questioning the ability of my aunt or my cousins baby sitting skills because I knew that my kids would be very well taken cared of. It was just the letting them go part that wanted to make me puke!

I seriously thought I would enjoy the time to relax a bit and not have to chase after 3 monkeys. But no, I want to chase three monkeys after all.

So anyway, the week has dragged by. I can't wait for April 26. In the meantime, I get to baby my 12 month old baby and pour all my attention on him. I busy myself at work as well so as not to keep imagining a 1001 scenarios of my kids getting into trouble who happen to be thousands of miles away from me.


Alicia said...

I give you credit for letting your sons go. That does take alot of faith!!

Jessi said...

Boy, do I understand....most days, I dream about escaping and getting some time to myself but then once I'm alone, I want to get back to them. My husband and I are traveling this summer...the plan is to take the baby (she will be 6 months) but leave the soon to be 4YO and 2YO with the grandparents for a whole week. Eeek!

Good for you, though for allowing ALL of you to grow during this brief separation. The 'big kids' will appreciate some time without the baby and the baby will appreciate some time without the 'big kids'...although I'm *certain* they will miss each other.

PS. Welcome back! Sorry, I've been so terrible about commenting.