Sunday, July 24, 2011

The New Pet

The kids have a pet. Note how I am trying my best not to include myself in the ownership of the new pet. It's a dog. The cousin of my Aunt gave it to her and since we have a very domineering grown dog owned by my Aunts who live downstairs, my Aunt decided that it would be best if the puppy stayed upstairs with us since we have a gate that will separate it from the big domineering dog named Bugs.
(Don't we just love kids fashion???)

My kids love him. We they have not yet come up with an official name for it yet. I love it that my kids love the new member of the family. My only apprehension is the attachment it will cause. It is inevitable and I am dreading it.


Al said...

it is healthy for kids to have pets and attachment to it is a part of the package :)

louann said...

i know. =(