Saturday, July 23, 2011

A TV channel once featured "The best jobs in the world" which mainly focused on jobs in the US. Jobs like that of eBay where employees are actually encouraged to buy stuff from eBay. If you were a shopper like me, I'm sure you'd want that job too! Another job was at some sport equipment manufacturer where employees had to be out of the office at least half of the day trying out their various products from surf boards to bicycles. For a sports enthusiast, I am sure one would die for this job.

My dream job would be something that would have to do with travel. Maybe a host of a travel show or a professional blogger who writes about the many wonders of the world. Traveling is such a rich experience regardless of age. Exposure to other cultures allows us to appreciate so many things - things we do not have and things we already have. It becomes an experience like no other where we get to absorb the many wonders the world has to offer which we usually fail to see because of the busy, busy worlds we allow ourselves to get absorbed in.

I'd write about the beauty of the city where I live, how it was named as the Summer Capital of the Philippines by the Americans in the 1940's when life in the country's capital of Manila became too hot thus pushing the Americans to look for a cooler place to hold National Assemblies, etc. It is a small city with old timers who comfortably live a slow paced life. In the years that have past, Baguio City has developed into its own identity. One may say it has lost the old, rustic small city life with the entrance of big malls, franchised restaurants and I would have to agree that in a way Baguio is not the old Baguio anymore. But there are still places in Baguio that one can still go to to enjoy Baguio as it has. Good food is what Baguio can also boast about especially if you know where to go.

Chocolate cake and Chicken and Chips at Honey in The Rock.

Restaurants that offer good food in Baguio are usually owned by families who have been in the business for generations. Years ago when life was simpler, these restaurants were places families would go to when there would be special occasions like a birthday or if someone graduated. Now a days, eating out has become nothing but normal. Other good places to go to for food would be Omai Khan, Rosebowl, Forest House or Mario's. 

 Food at Forest House

The Philippines has also so much more to offer especially the beaches since we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea. Just an hour away from Baguio is the province of La Union which has  black sand beaches. When we want to escape reality on a rather low budget and with just 2 days to spend, we head of to the beaches of La Union. 

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Al said...

we have quite the same dreams. although, mine is just to travel and not host a program. (i do not look good on camera LOL). it would be fantastic to write though.