Saturday, September 3, 2011

OMG. It's September already.

I'm back. I hope. I can't believe where the whole of August went. The "ber" months are here and soon Christmas will be just around the corner. Last weekend a typhoon passed out city leaving so much damage and the rains had been pouring since then. The sun only decided to come out today.

Many things have been happening. For one, the husband has been applying for a job and we are praying that he does get this one he has been called back for for a final interview. I am the more anxious one I think. Three kids is a lot of financial responsibility. And deny it or not, one working parents salary will never be enough.

Anyway, everything else has been the same old. With the 2 older kids going to school and the littlelest one growing to be a fine young little boy.

How have you been?


Al said...

Oh my dear, before, one parent working is enough... but now, because of the extremely high prices, we need two incomes. I hope he gets the job he likes.

Shosh said...

Good luck to your husband finding a job. Like Al said, it's nice to have the security of two incomes. I myself need to get a better job somehow. These 5 kids of mine are going to require lots of money.