Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting Started. Back to Business.

With the husband away for the past 3 weeks for training with his new job (yey! more on that later), we were able to spend 5 days together for a short vacation. He noticed how whiny and (possibly) bratty our 2 year old was everytime he was around me. It irritated the heck out of Jet everytime Arrow would want to get what he wants and it irritated him more when I would (in Jet's opinion) give in to Arrows wants.
It did irk me though when Jet would always, always try to drive home his opinion that, "Arrow has me tied around his finger." Point taken, whining is extremely annoying and can drain the strength out of me or anyone for that matter. Many times I would also want to snap at Arrow but there was one thing that always held me back.
With my eldest, he was surrounded by grandparents (both my parents and my husbands dad) who made him his world. I was 19 and still a student when I had my eldest and so my parents and my father in law gave us so much support when it came to raising Josh. This even meant my son preferring to sleep with my Mom over sleeping beside me. He was extremely loved.
My 2nd son, Dash grew up with Reyma, his nanny who loved him very much. She practically raised him since birth up until he was 4 years old. I returned back to work when Dash was only 8 weeks old and I would leave him most of the day with the nanny. Dash loved her very much also and he found comfort in her.
With my youngest, all he has is me - which is how things should really actually be. And maybe, for whatever reason, I want to be a better mother this time and be who I wasn't able to be to my 2 sons when they were also Arrow's age. Arrow no longer has his Lola or Lolo or Grampa or Reyma to run to but he has me and I want to him to always feel that until he is much older. Maybe I am filled with guilt which is why I am trying to make up for all of those feelings now. Maybe. I am still trying to sort through my feelings about this. Bottom line is, I just want Arrow to know that no matter what, there will be someone who will forever defend him, understand him and most of all, love him unconditionally.

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