Thursday, October 16, 2014

Career Path

During my senior year in college I has Industrial Psych as one of my major subjects. For some reason, I found a very high level of interest in the topics being discussed compared to my previous Psych subjects which covered Psych testing, Counselling. I told myself that one day I would want a career in the real of Human Resources.
June 2004. I found myself dressed in my smart casual attire sitting among a number of applicants at the reception area of a BPO company. I was told they were looking for a Recruitment Coordinator for their HR department. I honestly do not remember how the interview went but I do remember that I signed my contract with that BPO company on June 27, 2014.
I was extremely enthusiastic and proud of the 1st I got. How blessed can a fresh grad be to have landed her dream job? I was very eager to learn the ins and outs of HR. Young and emotional then, I had my fair share of tears shed- both happy and painful ones. I was even more blessed to have been exposed to the different facets of Human Resources - recruitment, compensation & benefits and labor relations. Restless, I found myself looking for something more. It seemed like I was expecting more from myself becuse i knew I could still do so much more.
This year I celebrate a decade of being a Human Resource practitioner and professional. It has truly been a rewarding journey so far and yet i do realize that I am only at the beginning of a very long journey ahead. Often times i wonder if there is anything else I can imagine myself doing like say maybe get into sales or teaching. Then I am reminded of that spark that was ignited in 2004 and then I realize that the fire burning in me has never been stronger than before.
I love HR. I am blessed.

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