Monday, November 3, 2014

Knock Knock!

I come to wonder why I started blogging over 8 years ago without looking back at my old posts I assume I was looking for a space to think out loud. I do remember that it was about a year after my Moms passing and I needed to vent and express my emotions. It was a good avenue to express myself, read and entertain myself  (by reading other blogs) and I guess ultimately utilize it as my own therapy session. I did after all discovered (or rediscovered) my love for writing. As I became more and more active with blogging, I (virtually) met people who enjoyed my stories and whose stories I enjoyed too and was able to develop a conmection to some of the bloggers. It was a good experience.
Now I don't know what happened but somewhere along the way, I started to blog less and less until there was no more blogging. And then yes you guessed it right, facebook was born. Facebook was novel and amusing to most people. Using a few sentences to express feelings, announce one's problems to the world, rant, complain or show off seemed to have taken the place of blogging (you may disagree). And yes I joined the bandwagon.
Years later, after trying to have pushed back blogging I suddenly felt the want to start writing again. Maybe its not just a want. Maybe its a need. And so I am finding myself trying to start again this time blogging usingy smartphone (years ago a desktop was the way to go). I am liking it a lot except that I cannot really posts pictures (bummer). But I wonder, where have all my blogging buddies gone?
Hello? Is anybody home?


Sophiagurl said...

Happy Holidays! Like you I stopped blogging and visit only once in a while. I tried to go back but, work has been crazy! and then as you said Facebook was born. Nice to drop by your place.

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