Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prayer - Perfect Timing

That's want I want to call it. Others may say otherwise. Maybe.

Just when I was about to really lose it last week, something happened. I had been crying for 2 days already. During my quiet time, I found myself praying a bit more than my usual morning and evening prayer. And I must say that in the 5 weeks that I had been away from my family, prayer had become my comfort. Even if my little one was with me, I was extremely homesick. The routine was killing me. Waking up so early in the morning just to catch the shuttle trying to beat the heavy traffic, sitting in the office doing nothing (to post about this later), eating lunch alone, leaving work and sitting in the shuttle for an hour during rush hour traffic, eating whatever food was available - it was just too much.
I called up my husband and cried and he just kept reminding me that I only had a few more days to go. Hold on he said.
The next day, still feeling down, I got a message from my husband. It said something like this: "need to go down. still in seminar, will call you later." I was surprised and excited and couldn't wait to hear the details. What was this? He was coming down to Manila? Why? What about work?
Anyway, after about an hour, he called. His boss just called him up to apologize for such short notice (she completely forgot to update him) but he had to go down to Manila the next day to attend a training because my husband needed to take another licencing exam on Wednesday (which also happens to be my last day of training here).
I didn't know what to say or how to react. I was amazed. I prayed and couldn't stop praying.
That night, my little one suddenly had fever. But it didn't seem to bother me so much. I was worried, yes I was. I was scared, I was. But I had peace in me. His fever lasted for 2 more nights but he got better.
Today, we are all together. My kids, the husband and I.
I am down to my last 3 days and then we all head up, back home to where we all belong.


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mlu said...

Prayers can move mountain =>

Midas said...

I can't say enough about prayers and perfect timings. There's others who's derisive about it, but it helps.

C said...

:) My mother-in-law and my husband always tell me that God always answers our prayers. Perhaps not right away, or maybe even in ways we don't expect Him to. He does answer our prayers though.