Monday, November 12, 2007

Until Then...Until When?

I'd want to talk about my whole experience now but I am afraid I will jinx myself even more. Aside from being left by the shuttle a number of times (thus the need to commute in an unfamiliar area) and wasting so many hours a day just waiting for someone to give me something to do, I have also have had to deal with rude and impolite people in the office who just want to make me break down and cry. So no, I will save my stories for when I am finally home.

On the lighter side of things, I miss blogging big time. I miss reading blogs on a daily basis and I miss writing on a daily basis. I want to but I can't. Because I do not even have my own computer in the office and even if I did, there is no Internet access since the banks here are very tight when it comes to security.

I brought down my little one with me last week. Being away from him for too long would have really been impossible. I must say, he has been such a trooper. Since my hotel suite is well, big, he has so much space to run and tumble and trot around in. And I think the best part is, he seeps beside me at night. Just knowing that I am beside him AND just knowing that he is beside me just makes us feel so complete.

I must give credit to my husband as well who has been so understanding of the whole situation. My older boy was left with him since he has school. And so far the husband has been doing a great job.

I can't wait to be home. That's all I can say for now because that's how badly I want it.


Midas said...

Louann, you're doing this for your family too. It's great your husband is such a comfort at this time. I think I would have really missed my family too if I have to be away from them so long.
Sending you (((((hugs))))) and good wishes that you'll be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louann - I can relate to what you write about missing blogging. I have been so busy lately that blogging has been put by the wayside.

I didn't realize that my google-reader had dropped my subscription to your blog, so I have been really out of touch! But I'm all caught up now and just wanted to pop in a say hi.

I'm glad you had your little one with you. It is so hard to be gone from family. Please hang in there!

Sophiagurl said...

Hi Louann, I hope you're doing well wherever you are right now. It seems a little strange doesn't it when mom's are away from their family it seems that they are not whole.

You will be soon. God bless!

SusieJ said...

Louann, you're almost through. Hang in there. Who watches him doing the day?

C said...

Hugs!!! xoxo