Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthdays

When I got home yesterday, my soon to be 6 year old son looked weak. His cheeks were flushed, he was wheezing and he just didn't look right. I knew something was wrong. I wasn't that surprised though, given that his birthday is 3 weeks from now.

Some people have told me that some people do get sick sometime near their birthdays - either before, after or during.

I never wanted to believe that until.

March 1 2003. Josh's 1st birthday party. We decided to celebrate it a week after his actual birthday. The next day, we found ourselves checking JOsh into the hospital due to a viral infection which was causing him to throw up everything he would eat and or drink.

Sometime February 2004, Josh's 2nd party was spent with close friends and family. He was down with cough and colds.

February 2005, JOsh was supposed to have a Superhero's themed birthday party but we decided to cancel 3 days before the party because he had a terrible cough and was down wth the flu. This was the year we discovered he had primary complex and asthma.

February 2006, we did push through with his party even though he had a bad cough and had asthma. He was on antibiotics during his birthday week.

Last year, we did spend his birthday in the beach.

This year, I hope whatever it is he is down with will be over before his actual birthday. It is very difficult to see a child so weak and listless.


Karen MEG said...

Oh, Louann, that's tough to be sick on a birthday! Hope he gets better very soon, and will be in great health and spirits for the actual day.
Six years old, he's getting to be a big boy now!!!

Midas said...

Louann, it is hard to see your baby sick. My #5 has been coughing and throwing up...low-grade fever. IT's viral. Nothing to be done but wait it out...he's tired of it though.

C said...

Hope he feels better soon, Louann :)