Friday, February 1, 2008

Here. There. Everywhere. Tangled.

Whiny. A complainer. A sulker. A pouter. A complainer. That's what I have been lately. But no, people have not been annoyed by my being this simply because I whine, complain, sulk, pout and complain AGAIN- to myself.

No words can describe why I have been feeling this way. THere are probably a million reasons I can think of right now- some of which are shallow and some of which are probably not - in your opinion that is.

I have found myself constantly talking to myself in my mind these past few weeks. Debating with myself whether what I am feeling is normal, telling myself to try to let things go.

And to think I am not pregnant.

Goodness - these emotions.

Get lost I say to them, but they won't. I think they're here to stay for a bit more time.


Amy said...

I was feeling this way last week, and so tempted to take a pregnancy test. Both pregnancies were kicked off by extreme and unexplainable emotions. This time around, I was so relieved when my time of the month came early.

Shoshana said...

I feel that way from time to time. Then I'd grab a book or several books until one takes my mind of them and go away for an hour or two.

If that doesn't work, I'd write, I'd e-mail myself long whiny letters of complaints and then delete it. It's very cathartic. And usually it works.

C said...

Louann, you are not alone :) I feel that way every now and then.

I like Shoshana's ideas on how to cope. I also e-mail myself and then delete it after too!

I feel sorry for Hubby, as I've been extremely weepy this past week. If pregnancy is the reason for this, then I'd gladly accept that! :) Otherwise, I can attribute it to being just "one of those days". I hate feeling that way though. The unexplainable emotions are just so frustrating sometimes.