Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Giving It Up

Josh: Mom? How come you don't allow me to drink coke but Arrow can drink coke?

Me: Huh? Arrow doesn't drink coke.

Josh: Yes he does.

Me: No he doesn't Josh.

Josh: But you told me that whatever you drink and whatever you eat goes to Arrow.

Me: Yeah.

Josh: You drank coke a while ago.


Josh: Mom, you drank coke a while ago.

Me: I know.

Josh: So...Arrow drank coke. Because you told me...

Me: I'm never drinking coke again.


Alicia said...

Ha! Kids are too smart these days!

Goes to show that they are watching our every move!

Heather said...

Clever boy!

C said...

Ohhh! What a smart boy! Wow! Amazing what they pick up and remember, eh?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Louann. First of all, thank you for your words of sympathy. I appreciate it.

He is very observant and certainly knows how to stress a point. :)