Sunday, March 9, 2008

On That Day

OK, so Valentines Day...That was like a month ago!!

I was surprised when the husband sent me half a dozen red roses to my office.

I did initiate the idea of having dinner that night and he did agree but he made the reservations. We enjoyed the dinner buffet of sushi, tempura, black Angus steak and fruits which you could dip in a chocolate fountain.

It was of course, a hearts day I will always remember.

You know, looking back on that day, I realized I did not feel it to be anything close to romantic BUT it was such a perfect night. Nothing mushy or overly sweet (am not a huge fan of that anyway) but it made its mark in my heart. I guess after a while, you realize that love just isn't about what you thought it to be when you were younger (not that I am OLD). Just being with the person you love, doing what you love doing (which for me is eating haha) and enjoying the time together is what, at the end of the day, really matters.

And then you learn to appreciate what you once never paid much attention to.


Amy said...

This is so true. What others view as a perfect valentines evening, seems like too much work for me. My husband and I opened a rare Belgium Ale and watched a movie on our couch. It was wonderful.

Sophiagurl said...

I agree with Amy it does not really matter how expensive or how many roses he sent, the most important thing (well for me at least) is that he remembered and was sensitive enough to do something special on that day.

I am sooooo happy and thrilled for you two! God bless!