Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Why Of It

There have been many many things going on lately - in my mind that is.

Have you ever experienced that? Just so many things to think about that sometimes you don't even know if you should think about them but they keep crossing your mind. And when you don't talk about it, you end up feeling like you wanna burst.

Which brought me to think about why exactly I blog. I admire crafts blogs, blogs full of yummy recipes, blogs which clearly have a purpose (battling an illness, children with disabilities, overcoming addictions, etc), blogs just simply centered around their children...There are a zillion blogs out there.

And so there, back to my question, why do I blog? Kept thinking about that. Well for one, I love to write. Since I was 6, I always had a diary / journal. I did find my diary when I was 6 and I could not stop laughing. I noticed that when I started writing, I would write about how I spent my day but my later entries contained my feelings for that day - I was 6. I still keep a journal where I write my inner most feelings, I keep it beside my bedside.

Back to my thinking. Yesterday, I was feeling really low. Really low. And I wanted so much to talk to someone but in the recent years, I have learned to choose what problems to share and to who I should share them with. And because it takes me such a long time to figure that out, I end up not telling anyone. And then around midnight, while l was tossing and turning, I so wanted to just let it out and I thought of my blog. But it was too late. And so I figured it out, I blog because this is my outlet. I blog because I want to write - it is my way of expressing my feelings.

When I first started this blog, I found this as my outlet to release the grief I was experiencing by the loss of my Mom and Dad. Later on, I focused on writing about my kids. But as I looked backed on my old posts, I found a lot which focused on me - just me. About my struggles, my feelings.

And along the way, I have found so many true true friends. Yes, although have never met you in real life, I feel that I know you. And you all have shown nothing but love and care.

And I thank you all for that.
And if I may just ask, do you think it is proper to talk about very personal things on your blog? Or is it something you keep to yourself.


C said...

Hi, Louann!
I believe that since this is your blog, you should be able to blog about whatever your heart desires. I find by blogging, there's a sense of anonymity and sometimes by talking (or writing) to someone who is somewhat removed from your personal life, it can sometimes be a bit easier to discuss things :)

I started by blog to keep in touch with friends, family, and former students since I now live on a remote island. Sometimes I think of starting a secret blog...just so I can blog about what's really inside and not have the entire island knowing about it.

Go ahead and write whatever feelings you want to :) If you need an ear, you know where to reach me! XOXO

Midas said...

Hey Louan, the way I think about it is, it's your blog. You can blog about whatever you want.

I have no idea why I blog really, only that I have ended up with so many blogs, some I have outgrown, and others I rarely update.

Some I keep because it's fun, and some I am the only one who knows of the link because it's my 'angry' blog. I get angry a lot sometimes, and I find it was better to write about it, and helps me figure out which of the issues are real enough to deal with, and which ones are hormonals.

Yes, if my opinion, it's perfectly alright to share your whatever on 'your blog'. It's your blog.

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JohnnyO said...

Good question. I think the answer lies in how much you want to share. I like blogs because it is a journal/record but what makes a blog a blog is the community aspect. For me, the parenting journey is interesting.