Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's A Me Post

Yesterday, I finally did something about my struggle. For the first time in 7 years, I did some decent exercise. Not considering chasing after a 1 year old or climbing after a 5 year old that is. It had been brewing in my mind for a couple of weeks already. I decided to get in touch with a close friend of mine who happens to be a health buff. I told her I wouldn't go to the gym alone and I am happy that she did say we could be gym buddies.
The next thing that crossed my mind was - when will I have the time to actually work out? The kids, work, the chores- how was I going to squeeze in everything and manage to spare an hour for myself to be able to go to the gym? But then I realized that everybody - whether mom or dad or daughter or grandmother- everybody is entitled to some "me" time. Whether you use it to just be alone and read a book, to shop, to go to the salon, to play a sport, to be with friends - in my case, my "me" time now is going to the gym.
I figured going to the gym after work would be too tiring and I would probably be too lazy to get myself to the gym after a long days work, so I decided that the best time for a work out would be early in the morning.
I joined the spinning class. You sit on stationary bikes and do "hills" as in like you are climbing a hill on a bike. I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously. My sweat just kept pouring like mad. It felt really good though. I felt so upbeat the whole day, no sluggish feeling.
Today I woke up with really really really sore muscles. I decided I was not going to push my body to the edge so I didn't work out today. But tomorrow I will go back. And because I know myself better, I decided to enroll and become a member of the fitness club so that I will be forced to push myself to work out on a regular basis.
On the weighing scale here at home (which happens to be very inefficient), I weigh 115lbs. I think a good +3-5lbs would be the more accurate weight. I plan to lose at least 10lbs.
After having children, some (like me) tend to forget to take care of their bodies. For me, it became an excuse to not take care of my body - my being "busy" all the time and not finding time to do something about it. I want to start living a healthier lifestyle- which includes a big part of my eating habits. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables. I have been consciously taking more glasses of water. Eventually I would want to cut down on too much salty and fatty foods. Am not good at doing things cold turkey.
I hope I get somewhere this time.

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SusieJ said...

Such a big, hard stuggle. I do one hour of yoga each day... at night, when I'm dead tired. But it's worth it. Now, it's just a habit.