Sunday, April 13, 2008


My Aunt informed me this afternoon that my cousin's apartment in Manila burned down. She called the house around 2am this morning. According to her, the top floor of the whole apartment complex burned down so she wasn't able to save anything on her 2nd floor. No shoes, no clothes, no nothing. The first thing she did was to move her car to a safe place. She was able to grab her laptop, camera and bag.
And that's about it.
The things in her 1st floor were "saved" but are all wet.
My Aunt goes down tonight to go see her. She will have to look for a new place and buy some things for herself. I packed whatever clothes I feel would fit her.
I am just glad she is OK and that nothing happened to her.


Midas said...

I guess we can call that lucky...that the things she lost she can replaced.

I'm sorry to hear about the fire. On a brighter note, she can buy new things.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear about that unfortunate incident but I'm glad your cousin is safe.