Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reasons Why I Heart Summer

  1. There is no morning rush (no school for Josh, remember?)
  2. The cool crisp air, the clear blue sky and the birds chirping just freshen up my day.
  3. No need to bring an umbrella for the afternoon rains.
  4. Each sunny day always gives me hope of a happ day ahead!
  5. The wash dries very fast.
  6. The afternoon heat is an excuse for an ice cream scoop or a popsicle.
  7. It is flip flop season! (when not in the office that is)
  8. No need for thick. bulky jackets.
  9. The kids get to play in the garden every single morning.
  10. Summer = Beach


C said...

That's really lovely, Louann! :) I love summer too! Only a few more months for summer to arrive here though! We've only just gotten rid of the snow! Now we've got lots of slush and mush! LOL!

SusieJ said...

You have summer?!! I'm so jealous.

Heart of Rachel said...

Summer is fun. I also enjoy school-free days. I'm taking advantage of late nights without pressure of waking up early the following day.

I love flip flops too.