Friday, March 27, 2009

A Few Concerns Of A 7 Year Old

1. When can I start using that thing? That thing you and dad use? The deodorant thing?

2. When can my friends sleep here at home?

3. When can I go to school alone?

4. If I have a sister, can I marry her?


Shoshana said...

That's so cute. My 7 years old asked me the other day if there's something he can do now to earn 50 dollars. He wants to buy a new game and he wants to earn the money. Then he said, BTW, I washed the dishes. I think that might be five dollars. Is it five dollars Mommy?

Heather said...

My daughter is intrigued by deodorant too.

Heart of Rachel said...

Ha ha! Cute queries. My son asked me once, if he becomes the same age as his teacher could he marry her? :)