Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slowly. Eventually. Maybe. Hoepfully.

What are you faced with when you become a first time mother? There's the whole 9 month waiting game and then the whole birthing process. After which comes the nursing, soiled diapers, burping and 3AM crying issues. Mashed foods comes next. Crawling and walking shortly follows.

After their 1st birthday, it slows down a little. And then the toddler years enter. Personality and character soon enters the picture. Suddenly, we have to take disciplining very seriously. Before you know it, you're bringing them to school to start nursery.

And just when we think the worst has passed, we are faced with yet another hurdle-- gradeschool.

In 4 weeks, I will be sending off my 7 year old son to 1st grade. 8 years ago, he was a tiny bean in my tummy. I thought 3 hours of school each day was long enough, soon he will be gone for 6 hours each day. That's double the worry I will have to face.

Milestones like these exist to remind me once again that I can never keep my children to myself forever. Much as I would want to just have them with me, beside me forever, that will never happen. One day, they will find their own lives, their own interests, their own life partners. And slowly, I will have to happily let them go. To find their niche in this world.

I feel his hand slowly loosening its grip on my hand. I'm finding it hard to loosen mine.


Heather said...

The first day is the hardest, then it gets easier.

Midas said...

I'm not ready to let go. My daughter's talking about college out of town...and I'm screaming in my head, no way. But then again, it's natural right?

I'd prefer she stays with me until she gets married.

Heart of Rachel said...

Time can fly so fast. It's nice to take time to appreciate every important milestone in our children's lives.