Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything Peter, Tony, Kent. Never Mention Super Girl or Wonder Woman

If you are a mother, you have to be creative at all times. At all times. If you're not, you're kid is going to outsmart you. Always.

Me: Time to eat Dash.

Dash: (pointing at the squash and beans on his plates) I don't want that orange and green thing mommy.

Me: But that's what Peter Parker eats to make him fly.

Dash: I want some more orange and green things mommy.

Me: Sleep now Dash.

Dash: Nope. I not sleepy Moms.

Me: You have to sleep Dash.

Dash: Don't wike sleep Moms.

Me: Common Dash, Ironman sleeps to become really strong.

Dash: I going to sleep now Moms.


Me: Dash. Please. Stop. Jumping.

Dash: jump jump jump

Me: Stop. It. Dash

Dash: Wook Mommy, like spiderman!

Me: Stop.

Dash: I like spiderman Moms! Jumping high!

Me: Just like Super Girl!

Dash: I not jumping anmore.


Alicia said...

Hahaha! Those were good ones!

Heather said...


DebbieDana said...

These made me laugh! Soooooo true!!! I know I would say those lines too with my son in the very near future...

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Debbie :)

Momisodes said...

LOL! You are too clever :)