Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It Isn't The Same

Yesterday, the house wasn't as "noisy" as when the hubby is around. The hubby wasn't around for rough play with the boys. Well, I did try to wrestle with them but it just didn't work. I was too scared to twist their arms or toss them too hard. We tries to shoot some baskets which the boys did enjoy, but I couldn't quite keep up with their energy.
So, I decided to do my "Mom thing." First, I sat them down and the 3 of us started to draw. And then we colored some pages on my 5 year old's coloring book. After that, I suggested I read them a book. They sat in peace and listened to me. And a little before dinner, we watched some TV.
I can keep up with "boys" stuff but ACTUALLY doing it - I don't think so. I have fun with the type of activities they love doing. I will for a while try to join their pace but to enjoy the whole activity with them I can't keep up. I think I am the type who will find a nice spot under the shade, sit down, take pictures and most probably shout this and that to them. Like "not too rough!" "Be careful you're brother is right behind you!" "Get down from that tree right now!" "Do not squish that bug!"
This is the first time in my whole life I will be away from the hubby for a straight 10 days and be left with the kiddos. I have been trying to enjoy some alone time for myself too. Am kinda trying to get the hang of it - after all, it's only been day2.
When hubby left on Sunday night - a rainy night, I felt a bit sad. So I decided to cheer myself up by watching FRIENDS. And last night, with the unusual "quietness" of the house, I decided to treat myself to a whole bar of AERO chocolate. Loved It.I know. But it did make me feel better. Happy food. Impulsive me.
I wonder what I will do tonight.


John J. Kaiser said...

"So, I decided to do my "Mom thing." First, I sat them down and the 3 of us started to draw. And then we colored some pages on my 5 year old's coloring book."

Those are fun too.

Pavel said...

Having two boys and a girl, it's sometimes difficult for me to find something to do that they all enjoy. The fact that they're of different ages complicates matter too. (smile)

I kind of have worked it out where I have three different parts of the house where they can choose to play separately, but can join up together anytime they want. My daughter, 10, usually wants to draw or play on the computer and she mostly wants me to sit with her so she can talk while she does things. My boys, well, I better be ready to ride bike with them, play Playstation, go head to head with them on computer games.

It's crazy! Good luck, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

Alicia said...

I'm not very good at wrestling with the boys either! It's just a dad thing.

WhenWillTheySplit said...

It sounds like your boys are going to have a blast with Mom! How about tossing a Nerf football around... or zooming some cars and trucks around the house. Then there's always the boats in the sink fun or hide and seek! And the good old blanket or sheet over the table to make a cave (with flashlight and scary stories and goodies!).

Keep us posted!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Sorry, that was me! I don't know how it got signed in under that name!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love alone time. But alone time and time without the one you love isn't exactly the same...I love my time alone but I miss my guy! Hang in there!

MandyPoo said...

I hate it when my hubby goes out of town for business...I won't even stay home alone, lol. I go to my Mom's! ;o)

Stam House said...

I know the feeling a hate being away from my husband!

Sophiagurl said...

Hi louann, i could relate. Being away from hubby isn't just quite the same and for 10 days, wow that's a long shot.

I know what you mean that the house seems not quite as "noisy" when the kids and hubby are playing. I guess we moms are so used to chaos that when all is calm, we yearn for it.

What is it afterall but our loved ones having the grandest time of their's really the sound of the "happy family" that you miss. =) God bless!

Midas said...

Mom thing is fun too...I can't do the Dad thing...I worry about the same things you do.