Thursday, October 11, 2007

On Growing Up

When I was seven, I was decided. I was going to be an astronaut. Yes, after visiting Cape Canaveral in Florida, I was dead set on pursuing a career in space aeronautics. Being weightless in air is what got me, I was so fascinated and intrigued by it. No, not once did the dangers of flying into space EVER cross my mind.

When I was 12, I was determined to be a lawyer. This was 3 years after my grandfather died. And the impact he had on my life was very apparent.

When I was in highschool, I wanted to be a psychologist. Here, my Mom's influence became very apparent. I was going to major in Psychology. And I did. I did not know yet where exactly that course would lead me, but Psychology was what I really wanted.

When in college all I wanted to be was a graduate.

Ask me now what I want to be "when I grow up."


That's what I want to be.

As we age, our experiences, the circumstances we were put through, the people we met along the way - everything that life has thrown us mix perfectly together and paints a beautiful picture of wisdom.

I'm sure we all, once in our lives, have encountered a wise person. Beautiful, isn't it? There is a sense of calm in them. Their words give you so much assurance, that things will be OK. In them you will see how time has tested them. They are the people we look for when everything seems so be going haywire. They inspire you to keep going, merely by listening to them makes you know in yourself, that yes, I will survive. They are the people who will leave a mark in your heart never to be erased. A mark you will forever be grateful for and will proudly carry in your heart forever.

This world needs more of these people.


Midas said...

I don't think I am wise. I would like to be least wise for my children.

Jennboree said...

I've known just a few truly wise people. They were full of love, encouragement, hope and forgiveness.

Definition of wise: Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting.

I think you are wise for your age, Louann. You have open eyes and an open heart.

SusieJ said...

You will be. I used to want to be an astronaut too, when I was in elementary school.

Karen MEG said...

Your posts always make me think; really think. You are already wise, certainly beyond your years. Your boys are lucky to have you to guide them.