Monday, August 18, 2008

"Geez" A Post Full Of Rants

It didn't take long before things around me started to get annoying and irritating. Most people were happy for me and the coming of the new baby but they always had to make comments like--

"Oh, you don't look too great -- looks like you're going to have boy."
"I hope you don't have another boy!!!!!!"
"Let's cross our fingers and hope it's a girl this time!"
"You're totally having a boy, just look at you!"
"Oh no! what if it's another boy?!"

Seriously, I am only on my 9th week. The stomach is still zero visibility. I am not yet wearing my maternity clothes -- because yes, my tummy isn't showing yet! My face hasn't changed - no swollen nose or dark circles under the eyes. 

I mean what the heck is wrong with having 3 baby boys? What is wrong with not having a baby girl if it really isn't meant to be? 

I know the hormones are beginning to show. Forgive me.


C said...

Oh, Louann! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for you! When I read your post with the photos of the pregnancy tests, I cried! Darn pregnancy hormones! I cry at EVERYTHING! I can't even watch the news or even some TV commercials without crying!!

Again, so excited that we get to go through this together!! :) xoxo

Sandy C. said...

Dude, this drove me nuts when preggo. Everyone swore I was going to have a boy...then the dibs when to being a girl. The people at my workplace took bets on when I would deliver. Seriously....drove me nuts!

Heart of Rachel said...

Sometimes it puzzles me why some people don't realize how their remarks affect the feelings of another person.

Try to put those remarks aside and just think of how happy and excited you are to have another baby. :)

Midas said...

Oh Louan, just ignore those people. I heard them too...but you know, they only have power if you let it.

I sure get hot and bother and I end up muttering under my breath because planting one in their faces is not an acceptable behavior.

I have four boys, and one girl...and I remember hating it when people say, I hope this one's finally a girl. Huh? Like I would return it if it's a boy? I wish people would actually think before they say something.