Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Time Around

Pre- 3rd pregnancy.

I asked my friend, "I wonder if even when you have your 3rd child, you still feel the same level of excitement when you had your 1st or your 2nd." She said, "I'm not the person to ask because I only have 1." And then we laughed.

And then I got the answer.

Yes, it's still the same. Although the initial feelings upon finding out may have varied for me, "the morning after" feeling is the same. It's indescribable. Future plans just coming rushing to my mind, I can't help but start to imagine what he will look like, I smile and laugh thinking about what a riot it will be with 3 boys ransacking the house.

And after giving away bags and bags and more bags of baby clothes to the orphanage, I am excited to go shopping. After all, those clothes were already 6 years old. I think the new baby deserves a more up to date clothing line. There I go with my rationalizations.

It's been icky feeling time the past month. Food in general wants to make me throw up and the feeling chooses no time. For 2 weeks I would get the morning sickness sometime between 10am - 2pm. Lately its been 8pm till I get myself to sleep. And I am so so so so damn lazy to do anything. I worship lying down time.


Heather said...

Definitely still exciting. For me it was almost more so because the kids were excited too and because it took so long to get pregnant.

It's also more exhausting though. Get some rest when you can! I know it's nearly impossible though!

C said...

Oh, Louann! I WISH we lived closer to each other! I would LOVE to go baby clothes shopping with you!!! The clothes in the Philippines are soooooo cute!!! My Mom will be there from Oct. to Jan. (hopefully she'll make it back to Canada in time for the birth of our first baby AND my brother and SIL's twins)! Mom said she's going to get me some baby clothes while she's there!

I know what you mean about the sick feeling. I LOST weight in my first trimester. I had a hard time eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for the first 2.5 months! EVERYTHING made me nauseous...and it was ALL DAY sickness. Gah!

Now that we're in our 17th week, I'm feeling really good! :)

Again, so excited that we're both pregnant at the same time!!! xoxo

C said...

P.S. Forgot to mention how much I love your new blog header! Did you make that yourself? Looks great! xo

Heart of Rachel said...

I think each child brings a new kind of excitement. I hope that you'll have a wonderful, safe and healthy pregnancy.

Cathy said...

Hi Lou,

I want a boy!!! lol. I'm sure it will be excited for us. A new life, a new addition...

Btw, glad you like the header I made. I actually customized to the size of your blog. If you try installing it again then unclick the the shrink to fit it should come up to the right size, only if you like it that way though. Did you Soshana sent you the second one I made? Hope you like it too :)

Anyway, congratulations! Take care of yourself always and thank you for stopping by.

Karen MEG said...

Louann, I am so excited to read about your pregnancy! Congratulations! This is wonderful news.

I still have some stuff from my 8 YEAR OLD!!!! But my daughter loves to go through her big brother's things and prefers the superhero socks and jackets over her flowery outfits sometimes. Oh, I'm such a packrat!

Happy, happy shopping!