Friday, January 16, 2009

Ya - Hoo - Oooh!!

I have been dying to blog about this since last week but I was just so scared that I would jinx the whole thing by talking about it too soon. That always happens to me. Anyway. I have HUGE news. I think my 2 year 8 month old IS potty trained. (Choir of angels singing in the background). Add Image

Its been a week since the whole "drama" that ensued last Saturday morning -- with my little one complaining of an "ouch diaper." So far, he has been able to pee and poop in the bathroom. I am crossing my fingers that he will never look back and want to go back to wearing his nappies!!!!

Indeed this is a milestone but also a reminder that my baby is slowly becoming a big boy.

Goodbye size XL nappies!

Hello New Born nappies.


Heather said...

Oh congrats! That is BIG news!

Karen MEG said...

That is GREAT news! I cannot imagine having two in diapers at the same time. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will keep!

thanks so much for your kind words and prayers... they mean a lot. xoxo

Shoshana said...

Louann, congratulations!

My 2 years old 10 months is not even remotely interested. Nada.

Sophiagurl said...

wow that's such a great accomplishment! Weehee! I remembered I celebrated too when my little one said goodbye to nappies.

Take Care!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a wonderful milestone! Congrats!