Friday, September 7, 2007

Nope, Not Complaining! At All.

Am extremely sleepy. Apparently, the husband decided to crash on our bed last night - early this morning I should say - 3 AM to be exact. We have not slept on the same bed (except during family vacations when we stay in hotels) since Josh was born because we practice co-sleeping. SO when Josh transitioned to sleeping alone on his bed, a few months after, the little one came. So anyway, apparently the husband was having a bad dream and was scared to death and said he wanted to be beside me.

NOT A GOOD IDEA to have 3 people in one queen size bed ESPECIALLY if the baby boss is used to gobbling up 3/4 of the bed space.

So, the remaining time from 3 AM to waking up time which is 6 AM was spent listening to this one big loud snoring machine beside me and trying to calm down a very angry, upset, disappointed baby who could not move around much because of constrained space.

And me being a very light sleeper would wake up every time the mad baby would whimper and complain. He even for a time, got my hand, put in on his head and started to make the stroking motion (done with his eyes closed, very clever baby) and when I would stop stroking his hair or head or whatever, he would start his whimpering again.

The next thing I knew or heard was a baby who just kept saying ma-ma-ma-ma-ma while forcing my eyes open with his fingers. The sun was out.

Got an invitation yesterday. Addressed to "the heirs of the late Steve Hamada..."
My Dad is going to be awarded the "Nany Rosa Journalism Award" given to journalists who have passed away but who have contributed to mass media in the City.

Am one proud daughter. I may cry at the event later.

Good morning everyone.


mommiesconfession said...

Congratulations!Louann for accepting that and to your dad watching above smiling, He becomes teary when he reminisces those....God bless=>

matman said...

Yeah, I know this wonderful feeling, when my baby opens my eyes at morning:)
But when he gives me a sweeet, wet kiss, I forget about it.

Heart of Rachel said...

We also practice co-sleeping but I can relate to what you mentioned regarding 3 people in one queen size bed. I think it's about time we buy our son his own bed because I seem to wake up with back aches these days because my son likes to monopolize as much space as he can. :)

Shana said...

My oldest used to open my eyes too. He would say "It's a 'buteeful' day, momma! Time to get up!"

And by the way, I am thrilled that you left a comment on my blog!!! Hope to 'see' you more often...:o)

C said...

That is definitely something to be proud of, Louann! Your dad sounds like he was such a wonderful person :)

Jennboree said...

That is so wonderful about your dad! What an honor for him and for you.

I swear your description of the co-sleeping couldn't have been more like how it is in our home! The only difference is once hubby's gone to work, Bella climbs in with baby and I. That leaves me a smidgen of space to lay as I gaze at my beautiful sleeping children.