Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You know what I enjoy doing? Talking about my kids. Well if you have not read through my blog, then it ain't that obvious yet, but if you have been a constant reader, then there you have it, me stating the obvious.
I think all parents enjoy talking about their kids. Sometimes in a show off-ish way, sometimes in a ranting way, most often in a complaining voice - but the bottom line is, we love talking about our kids. Because we love them.
So bear with me.
So far, this having 2 kids has been a very very fun, tiring, funny, interesting experience. It has been filled with a lot of love.
I can't help but "compare" my 2 kids. Not in a bad way, not so that I will love one more than the other - goodness, no - but because it is very interesting and fun to look back (for me 5 years ago) and remember how different this one is from that and that was from this. Sometimes, I find myself laughing, often times being thankful.
This second one of mine was born smaller that my first but has ended up being bigger at his age right now than my first when he was a year old. Being a hand me down baby, we have found ourselves bringing out clothes of my older one that had been kept when the older one was about 3 but fits the little one just fine right now.

My older one was and is someone who is slow to warm up. In gatherings with a number of people, he always preferred to sit back, watch and assess the whole situation before joining in the riot of kids playing and running around. When people would go up to him and make funny / silly faces or would try to talk to him, he would stare blankly or would cry. By the time he got himself to warm up, it would ALWAYS be time to go home. But the little one, he is always all over the place as soon as we get to anywhere. He will easily find himself comfortably trying to "play" aka pester older kids by pretending to know what they are playing. He walks around, clapping his hands and stomping his feet smiling and bringing out his dimples and - charming everyone, without him even knowing it. My older one, on the other hand knows it when he is charming other people.

The little one seems a bit slower when it comes to his speech development. I browsed through my older one's baby book and just kept laughing while reading the words he used to say when he was 10 months. This little one has a vocabulary of 5 words and still mixes up mama from dada - he sees hubby and with a very big smile says, "mama!" and then looks at me and says "mama!" But boy, this little one is very physically active. He climbs, he jumps, he runs, he trots, he stomps, he tumbles, he rolls. The older one could stay in his playroom and busy himself with his ball set or a book - the whole afternoon.

My older one was when in the company of family and familiar people, always a happy baby - laughing and smiling. When he was a bit older, you could see it in his eyes - he was a joker. Everything for him was a game. And until today, he still is my little joker - sometimes sarcastic though - ahem. Ever since he was a kid he always had the tendency to decide impulsively - ahem again. (I am my son's mother after all!). Now this little one seems to be the more serious one, It is very hard to make him laugh - even when he was a baby. No sense make all those silly sounds and faces - unless you tickle him, then you will get the baby to laugh. The only other person who is able to make him laugh big time is his older brother. But other than that, of the two boys, he is the more "thinking" and serious one.

The little one is a destroyer. He tears up books, breaks crayons, crumples my important documents. He destroys. The older one never had that issue. I could give him a book with paper pages - not those baby books that have really thick pages - and would return it in perfect shape. The little one eats anything. He can eat food, clay, glue, tissue paper, lotion, powder, his diaper, his poop - anything, I tell you. Which is laso why he is easier to feed. The older one outgrew his oral stage very early. I did not need to worry about him choking on anything - ever.

Both are independent. Both have a temper. Both are very loving but show their love in different ways.

The little one is the cuddler. He loves resting his head on my shoulders or my chest. He sneaks up to me when were both lying down and he cuddles. And he loves it. The older one cannot stand it - he always tells me he feels hot (when I embrace him). His love expression is by words. He says I love you and as mentioned, does it through his charm.
Such brings joy. And make us realize how beautiful life is because we are all different. That we will never be completely the same. That part of life's beauty is in knowing that, no matter what people say or do or think or make us feel, we will always be unique. And it that uniqueness, we are special.


Life With All Boys said...

They ARE all so very different. It's fun to watch them grow and see the little people they are turning into.

Heart of Rachel said...

I enjoyed reading about your loving boys. It's nice how you highlighted how wonderful and special each one is.

Jennboree said...

You know, reading the comparisons/differences of your children kind of makes me wonder about the idea that second babies are so different for a variety of reasons, such as:

2nd born mimic the first born from early on.

They just KNOW that the first is a child and different from grown-ups, so they try to relate with big brother/sister beginning in infancy.

Ava is very cuddly. Very destructive. Very expressive (screeching, growling, etc). She too does not have nearly the vocabulary that her big sis did by age one. I'm told all the time what a happy baby Ava is. She just bulldozes her way through life! Bella was brooding, clingy to mama/daddy and skeptical.

Big sister never prowled while Ava gets into EVERYTHING. Big sister never put anything in her mouth but little one nibbles whatever she can get her hands or mouth on!

Maybe because first born are raised by only adults, they learn certain skills quicker or later? Ava's essentially raised by adults AND a 3 year old!

Great post, Louann.

JohnnyO said...

Thanks for sharing. I love posting about the joy of my kids as well, is that bad? :-) I find it amazing how so many of us parents go through different yet very similar experiences in life. Keep on writing - JohnnyO http://fatherhoodmatters.blogspot.com

Not Afraid to Use It said...

What a great post! I think it is totally natural to compare your kids, but in a way that honors the individuals that they are. I had parents that pitted my sister and I against each other. A very destructive thing to do. It is nice to see other families that recognize and celebrate the differences and similarities in such a healthy way.

SusieJ said...

Yes -- it's so fun when you can start seeing what's behind those pretty eyes.

Kitts said...

I only have one, and I can go on and on about her :D

Nick Phillips said...

My youngest boy is the receiver of all his brothers hand me down clothes that fits him just fine :D Interesting blog.