Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Tried But It Was Just Too Much

Did anybody here watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium?


Halfway through the movie, I had to get up and leave the room. I could not watch it any longer. Do agree with me if you felt the same way about the movie, but the movie was just too emotional for me to take! It had too many life lessons packed in such a short span of time-- just when I was trying to get over one very strong statement or line, here comes Mr. Hoffman delivering another one.

Every time there was a profound thought expressed, memories or experiences would come rushing through my mind. My heart would be filled with so much emotion and sometimes tears would just well up in my eyes. And right after I would dry my eyes, here would come another line that would speak right through my heart.

There was a scene there where Dustin Hoffman said he found a pair of shoes in Tuscany which he loved so much that he bought all the pairs in the store. And then he looks down at his shoes and looks up and then says "These are my last pair." And then the next scene where he is sitting down with his feet up on the table, you will notice that the sole of his shoes have holes.

And then it really hits you, time is running out.

Which brought me to think, will you ever really know if you are about to die? Will you even have the slightest clue that your time is about to come to an end? Yes, that the sole of your shoes have holes in them and that that pair is your last?

And then Natalie Portman says something like "But you have to live." And the Mr. Magorium answers her by saying " I have."

I would want to be able to say that when it is my time to go. That I had no regrets whatsoever, that whatever life presented me with, I happily took it and accepted it. That my life completed me and made me ready to say that I am ready to go.


SusieJ said...

I haven't seen this -- I almost saw it with the boys, but the reviewers said it missed the mark. But now, after the shoes story -- oh my, I don't want to cry that hard either!

Amy said...

I'm glad I haven't seen it. I don't think my tear ducts could take it.

Mrs. Love Books said...

I don't know which rock I was hiding, but I haven't heard of this movie.I enjoyed Juno and August Rush. I was so glad I saw it.

Heart of Rachel said...

I haven't seen this movie yet but I would like to watch it. I saw the trailer before. I cry easily and I'm sure I will be as much affected as you.

I wish that before I go, I could tell myself that I have lived a good life.

mommyness said...

i haven't seen this yet. From the way you described it, it makes me wanna watch it. i love movies such as that. *sigh* realities in life may sometimes be hard to face. sometimes we never really know when we're ready for anything.